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  1. It is amazing how far computers and the programs that run on them have gone. Not to long ago everything we were able to do on the computer was so basic. Now we can do just about anything. Nice job on this web page/site, along with the new one you just created.
  2. Way to go! Will be making my way down there for the next 3 weekends to fish. I can only hope to be as fortunate as you were. Again, awesome fish.
  3. Will be heading down to Myrtle Beach for a cheerleading competition this weekend, and was wondering if there was any fish being caught down there? Was looking to see if I could get my 8 and 10 year olds into some pullage either from the shore or via a charter. They both love to fish and the warmer weather has given them the fishing bug! Any insight would be great.
  4. Done. Will make sure I go back daily to vote for you again. Awesome fish!!!
  5. Very insightful information you posted. Now if the bycatch by both recreational and commercial were to decrease, maybe we could start to stabilize the population.
  6. I would put your guess of it being 36-38" pretty darn close.
  7. Well the first of hopefully many more red drum showed up off the beach. My father-in-law caught a 32" red on friday afternoon, and the gentlemen he was fishing near also caught and released 2 others. Hopefully the bigger ones will show soon, as they are one of the best fish to catch!
  8. You sure deserved those fish for the walk you put in to get them. It was great to meet you out on the beach and later at the shop. Hopefully we can run into each other out there as I drive a Black Yukon with Delaware Plates. Will be down there again this weekend as the ORV is now open for trucks....Rob