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  1. i forgot to mention i have found using sputnik or hurricane sinkers tend to give good resistance on the retrieve also thumbing the spool or line can help with tension. there are finger protection out there i have used to help combat cutting your thumb up. There is a sponsor on here with the thumb dinger although i havent used this product its on the same lines of something i use.
  2. for all my fishing i use braid the one thing for my conventional's i use fireline, the line is a little bit heavier and stiffer then power pro which makes picking one out a lot easier.I think the biggest thing is to make sure that the braid is put on the reel tight very tight that tends to help it from pulling to far down into the line on a blow up.
  3. hey derf where at in lancaster are you from i live right on the border in honey brook.
  4. thanks guys sam what size should i try to keep i know up hear when we use them for stripers we use5 inches or better.
  5. hi guys last year when i was down i caught a bunch of small spot in the lagoons for bait my question is should i keep some alive to fish for drum or would it be better to cut them to let out the blood trail. also are 5 and 6 in spot big enough or should i stick with bunker? thanks shawn
  6. thanks guys for the welcome and help maybe see a few of you guys out there that week.
  7. hi guys i hope you can help out a newbie to drum fishing. most of my fishing is done in nj or north. i will be down ocean city from 9-17 til 9-24. is there any good spots on ai that can be gotten to with out buggy permit and a ton of walking no exact spots but general local would help? what kind of distance's do you need to cast (i know it depends on the bars and cuts ect.) just general to see what weights and rod i should bring?also is best to fish for them at dark or day light incoming or outgoing? i greatly appreciate any help.slo if there are any guys willing to let me tag along that week to show me the ropes that would be great. thanks shawn