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  1. just seen a pic. of dave with a nice 51" red! heard that was the only one caught so far.
  2. Just talked with the AI ranger station, the osv zone will not be open any time to day.
  3. hey ben, what type of oil do you use in your reel bearings?

  4. I caught one last year in october while fishing in the AMSA tourney, there also was another caught.
  5. Nope, still looking!
  6. Done, The word is getting around i was signer # 7262.
  7. Same here, Dep243 and I grow up together. Just let one of us know what info you need, and yes saxis has a very nice boat ramp.
  8. Makes you wonder you they really want to keep off the beach! Last summer i got stop for doing 2 miles over the speed limit at the turn table just before the air pumps, after the 25 - 30 mins. of he follows me the beach, i counted 7 trucks/ suvs with not a person insight most of them didnt even have no rods out. this was between 5:45 and 6:00 am. They must of changed the law about sleeping on the beach, because he didnt stop.
  9. :icon_thumleft:The wife & i decided to fish AI Va, because of the holiday. Sunday 5am to 5pm sharks and skates. Today 5am to 9am,first cast and before i could get my second rod baited a 36" 15lb rock. Not another bite after that for three hours.
  10. Yep recieved the same one today also.
  11. Made my first trip of the year yesterday to AI,man was it nice to get back out on the sand. Doggies and skates all day until on the out going tide, i nailed two rock in a hour a 24" and 21" they were not keepers but they were fun. We fished from 6:30 to 5:00, i only had one boo boo.
  12. Done ,I was #637 to sign.This could help us all!