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  1. I want to get a surf rod (been borrowing one). I am thinking of the tica 10' rod and tica libra sa4000 reel. I will be primarily fishing the jersey shore for stripers and the occasional trip to AI. I would like to stay under 200.00. Is this an alright setup, or is there something else in my price range that I should look at? Thanks, chris
  2. Hello all, I am a relative newbie to surf fishing(go out with my brother once in awhile). Been reading the posts for about a month. I will be camping in Assateague next week and want to surf fish. I will be borrowing a 12 and 8 foot rods with spinning reels. I have a few questions: 1. Generally, how far out do you have to get to get into the fish? 2. Is the fishing good all along the beach, or do I need to be near an inlet? I will be walking onto beach from campsite. 3. What bait to use? I'm thinking cut bunker? 4. Casting from shore(no yak) whats the chance of hooking up with some small sharks. 5. Shock leader.. do I need it? how is it attached to main line? I have a lot of questions and any help is appreciated. If it works out I may make it a trip I make a half dozen times a year. Thanks in advance.