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  1. I would go as long as I could walk home.
  2. me either.
  3. I started fishing with a bamboo jerk pole. then went to a conventional reel. Then God created the spinning reel, Thanks God. Never looked back. Hey Sam, I'm With you buddy what ever you say.
  4. One addiction, One forum....I am that remark.. Hey Sam, You cast it, I'll reel it in. Mox nix...
  5. I like it. very informative thanks mdram Bud.
  6. This is a fine day for a birthday. Bud
  7. I am impressed, great report. Let us know more please.
  8. Been 3 times ,grass shrimp are hard to find. No fish yet. Last year they cut the whole creek off with gill nets. Made me mad. Bud
  9. You know, I have seen kids eat Tuna , Fishsticks and almost anything that came from the superstore and invareable turn their n0se up at anything we catch or grow. Beats Me.
  10. Man, That sure makes AI stand tall, Sam. Baked Rock tonight. Pop
  11. There's Only one America, How can anyone not Love this country? Bud.
  12. Sam and I were trying to put a 5' Black snake into a cooler to remove him from our property. He didn't want to get into the cooler, so he bit me. Well we finally overpowered him and drove him across town. the big strong Black snake climbed out of the cooler came right up to Sam's neck. Sam yells THERE HE IS. almost jumping out onto the road. I laughed so hard I hurt. Black snakes will bite. Bud..