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  1. Sam you and I have had this discussion before and I like the idea of a window sticker identifying the users of the website. That would be a good conversation starter amoung the web users on the beach. Maybe just a sticker with the logo? Someone suggested stickers that could be placed around the logo sticker to identify what they like to fish for. Well you have heard my two cents once again. If you need some fresh designs let me know..I could give you some names.
  2. This happened to me just the other day ....
  3. Coop, That is a great write up. Having only started fishing at AI a year ago I found this very informative. Great job.
  4. From the look of the site I would say they catch thier fair share of big ones. I do a much smaller scale of the same rig but only use the heads. Does anybody use the whole fish ?
  5. Sounds great. Worked all the discounts. I had a line on a new kayak at a pawn shop. 11' 6" with seat and paddle $300 for the whole thing, didn't make it back it time and was sold as I was traveling back to get it. Not a scratch on it. Needless to say won't happen again. Most likely will be going to Gander or Survival Products.
  6. Fishandtattoos, If you don't mind me asking what did your yak cost you? You said it was cheaper.
  7. Pictures speak volumes LOL
  8. I have also been interested in a kayak and like the size of that one. Would you happen to know the cost of the one you listed in your post?
  9. Sam, Great pics, I knew I should have left work and hit the beach. Next time !