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  1. Ok I was able to get out today to get some proper measurements. Not the best conditions, but it will have to do. The temp was about 92degrees, and there was very little wind not to mention the grass was not short and overrun with crab grass and ant hills.. Warning***** This is the second time I ever really tried to OTG cast with a spinning so keep that in mind..[/img]"][/img]"][/img]"][/img]"] The rig was one of my clip down rigs with a piece of a plastic lure to simulate a baited rig. I decided to tape down the rig, to keep it from snagging on the grass, weeds, etc I used two different weights (100g, 125g) both were distance sinkers. In a real fishing environment I would use a breakaway sinker, but at $3.00 each I didn’t want to risk damaging them.. But they are close to the same shape…[/img]"][/img]"][/img]"][/img]"] All the cast were measured with a laser rage finder, and a relective sign mounted on my fishing tripod.[/img]"][/img]"] Ok here we go... I think with a little practice I could get comfortable with throwing a spinner OTG but im happy with my distance for now. 100g Cast1 (Spool Slippage) 153yds or 459ft Cast2 166yds or 489ft Cast3 165yds or 495ft 125g Cast1 (Spool Slippage) 155yds or 465ft Cast2 172yds or 516ft Cast3 163yds or 489ft
  2. I traded a friend my Daiwa Grandwave 5500BR for his Team Ala rod. The reel was cool, but im a Shimano Groupie! LOL Anyway I had this rod for a couple weeks but didn't have a reel to put on it. So like any Tackle Whore would do I used that as an excuse to get me a reel.. So after some research I decided on the Shimano Power Aero Prosurf. The reel arrived, and was promptly filled with 250yrds of 15lb Suffix braid (with mono backing). So anyway I decided to go fishing today, and today I would test out the rod.. Well today the fishing sucked, but it gave me time to put the rod thru a couple test cast. Let me first start off by saying the rod is not built for the uni-tech, overhead thump or any other cast that requires a stiffish tip. However with a fishing OTG cast it excels. Once I figured out the correct drop, it seemed to launch my baited rig (homemade single drop rig w\ 4oz) pretty far i would say 130-150yards (maybe more).. I can't be positive but I'll take it to the field tomorrow afternoon, and hopefully get video\pics. Anyway first impression are positive, but it's way to early to say for sure. My intended purpose for the rod is for the Bay\DE Surf spring run. It seems to be perfect for 4-5oz and a worm, but Im not postive about larger baits.. Time will tell..[/img]"][/img]"][/img]"]
  3. I had the bug; so I decided to give SPSP a try this morning. Plus I had a new combo I wanted to try out. Arrived around 6am in the middle of a summer shower (Damn!, forgot my rainsuit) but decided to setup at the POINT. Two rods, dozens of hit by fish that mast have been 1inch long.. No Fish, and after the 8th shower I decided to call it quits. The Rain was actually refreshing, but with no fish being caughs the eggs and bacon started calling me..[/img]"][/img]"][/img]"]
  4. Ok, me and my buddy DRE will be at the tournament. I will be driving my Grey Durango so if you see me stop by and say HI.. It would be cool to meet some of your Surf Fishing Legends in person..
  5. When you come own where do you normally go to get your bait. The reason i aske is bc I called most of the tackle shops in DE an they aren't even shore if they're getting any in before friday..
  6. Renewed my Surf Permit, and have a new rod being shipped to me this week. With that being said I decided to call off sick and spend the day (thursday) fishing. I think i read the High tide will be at 8:45am; my plan is to get there around 6am, and fish to atleast 12pm before packing it up and chasing croakers closer to home. My question is do you guys know when the stores with the BAIT open up.. I read that Old Inlet opens at 7am (too late), are there others ? Side Question: I was thinking about fishing 3r's, but have fished most of the other spots. Is there any other aera procuding better than 3r's? If you see me stop by and say HI.. 2006 Gray Dodge Durango..
  7. I've fished the tournment in 2007, 2008 but not 2009... I was thinking about giving it another try (this time with my truck), but was wondering how many of you guys will take part. Also I dont have tons of experience in Surf Turnaments, but would like to know if you guys fish them differently than you would regular fishing. I've heard of some guys switching bait every 15 minutes.
  8. Where do you typically get the good clams from?
  9. Bloodworms are "Rockfish Crack" at SPSP... I tend to fish there a lot and have done well with them. However I know the surf can be somewhat different. when you guys use clams how do you keep them on the hook.. Pics welcomed
  10. Hey guy, I've been wanting to add to my bait selection and Im thinkink this spring run may be the best time. Typically I use Bunker or BW's for fishing the DE surf. I have heard of people using Clams, Chab, etc... I would like to know by you die hards what baits you feel work best on the DE Surf... I would also like to know who you rig it. Are you using a fishfinded rig or something else. Thanks
  11. Im sure 300 is more than enough most of the time.. However sometime 300-600ft will get you in fish that others cant dream of reaching. I have friends who can place a bait 550ft EASY, and they also happen to out fish most people.. Even still none of them do a swing cast
  12. Anyone doing a Pendulum (sp) on a crowded beach is a JackA$$. I'm a distance caster, and I have seen people have breakoff's and it aint pretty. 100yards is easly acieved without doing a swinging cast, no need to kill anyone in the process.