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  1. As I was soaking bait last Saturday morning (8/13) a patch of dark clouds passed overhead and went out to sea, I thought I saw a waterspout coming from one of the darker clouds, but when looking through my binoculars, I saw it was the spray from the blowhole of a whale. My wife and I watched for over 2 hours as the whale seemed to be following schools of bait fish about 1/4 mile or so off shore. I don't know what kind of whale it was, but it did have a dorsal fin so maybe a fin whale or minke whale. Any one else see it? We were at marker 30 or 31 on Assateague Island about 8am to 10am.
  2. Nothing but doggies the last two days, but saw this unusual beach buggy. By the way, how do I create my own photo gallery? I went to the instructions link, but there was nothing there. (kind of like my fishing trips lately)