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  1. Happy Birthday Fish On.

  2. Yea chomper, that's the one. I picked a couple up a few weeks ago and tried one before the drum showed up. It worked like it's suppposed to and cast pretty well with a chunk. It held up on a ray 'till my leader knot let loose. I like the idea that I can use a lighter, sputnik type sinker on my light rod. I'm just wondering how tough they are with a big ol' drum on the end.
  3. I am hoping to make it down also. Wanted to come down tomorrow but it looks like it will be Saturday 'till Sunday at this point.
  4. FWIW I have taken the platic trays that 2 liter soda bottles are carried in and cut them down to be just taller than the level of the drain. Flip 'em over and they keep stuff off the bottom. I've never tried stacking them after cutting them down but that might work also.
  5. The one that has the impact shield. Would you trust them for drum? I can't seem to find what weight they are rated for. The line on them mikes at .040" That's thicker than some 80lb Ande I have. My concern is the crimps. They just don't look great. Maybe re-tie with some tried and true knots? Anyone ever caught a beastie on them?
  6. Thanks guys. Like I said I thought it was a big ray! Couldn't believe my eyes. I hope to try again this weekend. And TJ, innncredible cobia! Congratulations. How long was that fight?
  7. A late, last minute decision to go to AI had me in OC just about 8pm. And I needed bait bad! I pull up to Harbor Tackle knowing they would be closed. The OPEN sign was lit! COOL! Bev to the rescue! Shrimp, mullet, bunkers and I’m off. A food & drink stop and I’m on the beach around 9. A nice calm wind for a change. No feesh though. Lots of grass causing false alarms. Man that stuff is a pain! Just before 5 am the big rod goes down (the new SL50HV on a OM heaver and bunker chunk) and starts pulling line…a cautious pull and I’m hooked up…the tug of war begins! …It feels like a big ray. After a minute or two I look back and another rod is peeling line like crazy. So, since I have a ray on the line, I put the rod in the spike and grabbed the other rod. That lasted about a minute or so and then slack. Bummer! Bit my mullet rig clean off. Back to the big rod. Well, forever and a day later the ray is on the surface and getting a little closer. My arms are beat! Finally a glimpse…could it be? Nah, rays are brownish too…hhmmm… As the beast finally comes into the wash I start thinking, “Don’t panic! Just a couple more waves and yer done!”…and my “big ray” comes to the beach… WOOHOO! My first! About 42” The lens is fogged up a bit and the 3oz Gotcha is the 1st thing I grabbed for size reference. Tape measure is 36” A big thanks again to Bev for being open late!!!
  8. I was really looking for a 30 but this 50 popped up with a decent buy it now price and well, you know how that can be…and it should work nicely for sharks. I think I'm off to Bev's for a 30. The reel is in very good condition but it did not come with any brakes –that’s eBay for ya! – so I took some from a very old, small daiwa I have. They are too small for the reel but it’s what I had. It was loaded with 25ish? pound something - .020” – about 1/4” below full. Put it on my Ocean Master 6-12 spinning heaver ‘cause, again, it’s what I had. First tries = it’s pretty fast. Too fast for me at least. A lot of overruns and several nests. Tightened the spool adjustment a bit and kept trying. Got a few good unitech casts with 6oz. but I reached a point where I didn’t like how much tension I had on the spool so I headed home. Cleaned out the bearings and added 80/90w. Added little pieces of WD40 spray tube for more braking (pretty micky mouse huh? ) Re-spooled with 20lb Big Game. It took almost a full 650yd spool! And yes it’s very full. Went to Bass Pro. They didn’t have any OM heavers so I got the 3-6 ouncer. I hope to pair it with a smaller reel in the future. I don’t want a Cape Point and I think Charkbait cleaned them out anyway! Well, the 80/90 & micky brakes helped a bit. I’ve been out 3 more times so far. If I’m not real careful it still over runs. My technique leaves a bit to be desired too :eusa_wall: If I do my part I’m getting about a hundred yards with no over runs using 5ozs and an overhead unitech cast and a 7-foot drop. I’m guessing on distance ‘cause I’m casting at a lake. I’ll take it to a field sometime soon. Oh, and the 4.9 ratio seems to be plenty fast. Over all it’s a nice reel. I really want to try it on a heaver with more weight. Hopefully when I get the correct brakes I can drop down the oil weight and get some more distance. I have to become more consistent in my casting too. I’m sure that some one good using a better cast could make this thing fly. Now I need to get back down to the beach and try it with half a bunker…
  9. That's a drag. Sorry to hear he wrote you up. Thanks for the heads up though. I sat in my truck Sunday night and dozed off in the drivers seat Guess I better not do that again...
  10. Sunday noonish to monday around 2pm. Nothing on the casted shark rods on bunker Got a nice keeper flounder on shrimp. A couple kingfish on shrimp and cut bunker. Wrestled quite a while Mon. AM with a ray that broke me off in the wash :eusa_doh: Guess I got a little anxious. Tried sand fleas but they were getting chewed off the hook right away. What the heck is eating 'em so fast? Crabs? I even went down to a #1 hook! A few shooting stars Mon night and a great moonrise.
  11. for AI. Should be on the beach by noon. Hope to stay until tomorrow night. Will be in the gold Tacoma with a cap as usual.
  12. For yakin' out baits, The ST5656 1 person sit on top. Looks like it can be had for about $200. Comes with carrying/dive bag and seat. I know the inflatables aren't great but a hard yak just isn't doable at the moment. I'm not thinking about it very hard but for the price... From Sevylor-"They are constructed of a super-strong sandwich-like material outer hull (canvas over PVC i think) and heavy-duty polyester decks. The inner hull is made of a heavy-duty cold resistant PVC material with double I-beam electronically-welded seams"
  13. Yea, I was going to go down this AM but between this post and the wind forcast it looks like Sunday is the day.