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  1. Sam,

    Are you going to any of the meetings on Assateague Island management Plans for the next 20 years? I thought that there would be a post on it. Attached is a copy of the print material put out by the NPS.

  2. The first trip offshore he and his dad were skunked..... this year, 30 min and the fish of a life time. I love it when parents and kids talk smack during the 2.5 hour fight. Cool day
  3. I worked as a mate on the charter boat Bill$ for Bills today, and Dylan, the 13 year old angler landed this Thresher shark. We needed a bigger boat. We fished the 20 fathom fingers, and hooked up with blue fish fillets.
  4. Snappers will shake..... almost makes you want to go back to AF ROTC and re think it.
  5. Great show, park at the convention center, and take the trolley to the drop off place. Take chairs and sun screen.
  6. My question is why don't we have the ornithologists collect the eggs, incubate them, so the hatchlings don't get killed by fox, raccoons, wash overs. Get the birds off the endangered species list and move on. Or is the use of the endangered species just a ruse to keep people off the beach? I would think the politicians of North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia would love to "fix" this problem, give colleges a grant, or poultry producers a shot at a tax credit to grow as many of these birds as possible. The next thing would be the turtles, or the sand fleas... or whatever??? I have written my congressman, and written a note to the new Park Superintendent at Assateague.
  7. I fished AI today on the incoming time. I caught one Skate, lovely day at the beach. Close to the orv exit the birds were working the waves about 100 yds off shore, I could not see any flashes.
  8. Fished AI today again, same place, the tide was going out, and then dead low.... wind not from SE, but from W to NW. Fish yesterday, today..... the skunk....
  9. We fished the beach today. Strong south / south west wind. I caught a nice shark, pictures to follow, I need help with Id. A small flounder, small blues, and one of the guys I was fishing with had a red one with a dot on his tail, but he lost him in the surf. He was big. We saw him as he turned and went east. Tomorrow is another day....
  10. We went off shore today on Canyon Blues. We were beyond the hot dog, there was a color and temperature break. We caught several dolphin, one white marlin, and I caught my first blue. The blue hit a 50 W reel, I came close to being spooled. Great trip, great fight.... nice swim back at the dock for two first.... a white, and a blue Marlin....
  11. Hit the beach today, went down to 24, it was blocked off before that. The black flies were off the chart, a west wind, I stayed too long hoping for a sea breeze to kick in. Caught the skunk.... Tomorrow is another day....
  12. Fished the beach with bunker. Had a cow nose ray on for 45 min. I got him to the shock leader, the line broke. We saw him, about the size of the hood on my truck. When they hunker down there is not much you can do with them. Any one have any tricks to get them to move? I guess I am just as happy that he broke the line, because I did not have to deal with him on the beach and get him back into the water.