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  1. maryland fishing

    If I was local I'd be glad to help. But is getting hard to see these days. Lemme know if ya want me to tie you some rigs. I am still (barely!) smart enuff to follow instructions! You'd just hafta send me the stuff and a sample or two.
  2. maryland fishing

    Yep. I got an LDX to use for a bait rod. Had some cheapo guides on least they seemed that way to me. I replaced 'em with Fuji alconite guides. Also wrapped that ugly yellow sticker with black thread. Decided to keep the factory butt least for now as I am partial to cork tape. I'm thinkin' it is gonna be a neat bait stick...but it'll hafta compete with my RS 1505. Also went through all my rigs...retied some, threw others out. Poured some 7 oz sinkers. Guess I'll be ready...
  3. Sure has changed over the past several years. Certainly not worth a trip up there for me. But I'll see ya in the spring!
  4. What Dave said...
  5. Lots of different stuff out there but these are the ones I use (all lines in bright green colors unless described otherwise): Sufix Tritanium Plus in 17# (.40 mm) - nice soft line, good casting, plenty strong enough for drum...I probably won't buy another spool as I'm going to Pro Spec Sufix Tritanium Plus in 14# (.35 mm) - use this on my bait rods Berkley Pro Spec in 16# (.37 mm) - good, tough line...16# for stripers Berkley Pro Spec in 20# (.40 mm) - this is the line on my drum sticks Berkley Trilene Big Game in 15# (.38 mm) - tough old standby, wouldn't hesitate to use this for drum, carry a spool for backup Wychwood DPF-18 in 18# (.35 mm) - a pal sent me a spool of this to is from England...tough, tough line, low is not in a bright color...and expensive...I have it on one rod and am going to use it until I catch... These are the lines I currently use. I buy them in 1 or 3 lb spools and change line often. If I THINK it might have a slight nick or gets changed. I'm not gonna risk a huge fish on suspect line. All of my leaders are Berkley Trilene Big Game in clear. I use 50# for shockers and 80# for a 4-5' bite leader. I make my bait rigs out of 30 or 40 lb. I think I talked about hook leaders in the thread on hooks. I guess we can talk about knots some other time.
  6. Note this is the old 1569, not the SUR1569. Would also consider a blank or a rod. This is for a pal, so he'd make any decisions that might be required. Thanks!
  7. Had a bunch of 10 oz sinkers that I'm not gonna use...too old to throw that much anymore. So I melted them down and poured some 7 oz sinkers that I'm gonna give to a pal. When I did throw 10+ I typically used a couple Rainshadow Su1569 rods. Since I don't plan on throwing 10+ anymore I'm gonna give these two rods to another pal. I have a lot of stuff I just don't need anymore...
  8. Meet me on the beach in May.
  9. Sure would like to see some of the guests sign up and start participating! C'mon guys...
  10. Top o' the morning to all my pals, both those I know and those I've yet to know. Gonna be a beautiful day here in western NC.
  11. I am by no means any kind of expert, but I do have some favorite hooks. For red drum I like Gami Big Eyes in 9/0. They are snelled with 150# Jinkai about an inch and a half long. I use SPRO 1/0 swivels. A new hook I tried this past season is the Mustad Demon Perfect 1X Wide Gap 39948NP-BN in 11/0. This hook is about the same size as the Gami. I did catch a 50+" drum on it. For stripers I like Mustad Demon Perfect 39954NP-BN in 10/0. I snell these with Big Game 130# about 2" long and the same SPRO 1/0 swivel. They work well for sand fleas. Of course, any hook suitable for drum will work well for stripers and vice versa. For bait I like the Mustad Demon Circle 1X Fine Wire 39954BLN in size 1. I typically tie rigs with 40# Big Game and am not particular about hardware. Obviously there are plenty of different hooks out there that will work for you. But these are the ones I like, and I am a pretty particular guy.
  12. Well I don't really need any but next time you see 'em 3 pks for $10 pick me up a few. Can't pass up a deal like that.
  13. Ha, I guess you would. But the 1569s are spoken for. But...I have a bunch of 8 oz sinkers I need to get rid of.
  14. Jeff - We must be talking different hooks. I'm not sure GM even sells Gami Big Eye Circle hooks like we use on the surf. Like Dave said they typically cost around $12 for a pack of 3 9/0 hooks. Welcome to the board! Good to see folks participating. Where do you fish?
  15. Somebody, and I cannot remember who, told me once that circle hooks do not need to be super sharp. His theory, which I think has some merit, is that the hook needs to slide around into the corner of the jaw and then penetrate. I know when I used to use those sticky sharp offset Gami octopus circle hooks that I'd sometimes get hookups in other parts of the mouth. And I know I had a lot more fish come unglued then. Gimme a big ol' non-offset circle hook in the corner of the jaw and that fish is gonna end up on the beach. And I know I don't get so super upset when a hook isn't sticky sharp anymore...just so it is sharp enough.
  16. Yep, that 39948 does tend to dull quickly. But they are hooks, and hooks are expendable. They are a wide gap hook. Now that $$ Big Eye...darn things last forever so methinks you do get your money's worth. I dunno. I tend to use whatever I feel like at the moment just so long as it is a quality piece of tackle. Ain't gonna fish with no junk...
  17. Caught a lot of fish on those sticks...these days use the SUR1506 and SUR1508. Oh, and I have an HDX which I think I'm gonna like a lot.
  18. I'm in...
  19. Four turn spider hitch to a four turn no-name. Very short tag on the spider and on the no-name trim the tag flush.
  20. I like any color just so it is hi-vis.
  21. No tournament for me but I'll be around. Typically do not fish on Sat. I'll be there about 3 wks...mebbe more depending...
  22. Had to be in May...I don't fish after Memorial Day or before Labor Day. Yep, my ol' Chev has 16 yrs & 236K on it. Still runs pretty doggone good but is getting tired. I know a little about that...but a big fish perks me right up. Hope to see ya on the beach.
  23. I don't have much experience with this...only remember one incident and that was with a Matzuo circle hook on a spiny doggie. Hmm, haven't seen these hooks lately. The Matzuo was a large, thin wire, offset hook with a shape quite like the nonoffset Charlie Brown hooks I'm looking at now. I suspect the gut hookup was quite a rare thing with those hooks but I immediately quit using them. I do know a guy who swears by them & he catches a lot of big fish. Anyway, here's how I fish and it seems to avoid gut hookups. I use a short leader...about an inch for drum and 2-3" for stripers. A large circle hook...gami big eye in 9/0 or something of similar size. I probably fish with a tighter drag than most. It is tight enough that I sometimes have a bit of a struggle getting the rod outta the spike! But not so tight that a large fish will break off or pull the spike out. Keep those spikes well secured! I can only imagine a large fish in the surf taking a bait is a very violent thing. We are fishing for large, pugnacious fish in a hostile eat dog world out there. I "think" that my short leader coupled with a tight drag and an exposive take by the fish results in those corner of the jaw hookups we all love. But that is not the whole story. Most of the stripers I caught this spring picked the bait up and swam to the beach and my hookups on them was very good. So....either the rod goes down hard & the fish is hooked OR the rod stands up and the line goes slack. When that happens reel fast until you come up tight and the fish will be hooked. Remember, you never "set" a circle hook. My .02. All this jawin' back & forth is gettin' me itchy. I'll be up on the 16th. Old white chev with a white aluminum cap. Stop & howdy.
  24. Owner 5178 and 5179 hooks are ok. They have a round bend like the gami octopus circle but the bend on the Owner hooks is deeper. A lot of folks won't use the gami octopus circle as they say they drop too many fish with it but the deeper bellied Owner doesn't seem to have that problem as it takes a bigger bite. The 5178 has an up eye and a little offset. I've used it in 10/0 & it works ok. The 5179 is similar but has a straight shank and no offset. I've used it in 9/0 & it works ok. But, again, I much prefer the gami big eye and my new second choice is the Charlie Brown hook. Sure wish I could get those big eyes for a buck apiece! While I'm at it I'd like to throw my .02 in on the offset versus no offset argument. Some guys who are excellent fishers and who catch big fish swear by an offset hook. Some of 'em say the offset makes it easier to bait up. I am not one of those guys. I used to use offset hooks and now and then dropped a fish for some unknown reason. And I sometimes caught a fish on a light skin or lip hookup or something other than that classic corner of the jaw hookup. When I started using nonoffset hooks I almost totally quit dropping fish and I had a much greater percentage of jaw hookups. So...I'm gonna use what works best for me and that is a big, nonoffset hook.