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  1. Wow! Only time I got spooled was by a ray. Sure it was 'cause it stopped several times. Acted like I wasn't even there...
  2. All my reels including the ones I use to catch bait are conventionals.
  3. Hi Freddie!
  4. If I was local I'd be glad to help. But is getting hard to see these days. Lemme know if ya want me to tie you some rigs. I am still (barely!) smart enuff to follow instructions! You'd just hafta send me the stuff and a sample or two.
  5. Yep. I got an LDX to use for a bait rod. Had some cheapo guides on least they seemed that way to me. I replaced 'em with Fuji alconite guides. Also wrapped that ugly yellow sticker with black thread. Decided to keep the factory butt least for now as I am partial to cork tape. I'm thinkin' it is gonna be a neat bait stick...but it'll hafta compete with my RS 1505. Also went through all my rigs...retied some, threw others out. Poured some 7 oz sinkers. Guess I'll be ready...
  6. Sure has changed over the past several years. Certainly not worth a trip up there for me. But I'll see ya in the spring!
  7. What Dave said...
  8. Note this is the old 1569, not the SUR1569. Would also consider a blank or a rod. This is for a pal, so he'd make any decisions that might be required. Thanks!
  9. Meet me on the beach in May.
  10. Sure would like to see some of the guests sign up and start participating! C'mon guys...
  11. Lots of different stuff out there but these are the ones I use (all lines in bright green colors unless described otherwise): Sufix Tritanium Plus in 17# (.40 mm) - nice soft line, good casting, plenty strong enough for drum...I probably won't buy another spool as I'm going to Pro Spec Sufix Tritanium Plus in 14# (.35 mm) - use this on my bait rods Berkley Pro Spec in 16# (.37 mm) - good, tough line...16# for stripers Berkley Pro Spec in 20# (.40 mm) - this is the line on my drum sticks Berkley Trilene Big Game in 15# (.38 mm) - tough old standby, wouldn't hesitate to use this for drum, carry a spool for backup Wychwood DPF-18 in 18# (.35 mm) - a pal sent me a spool of this to is from England...tough, tough line, low is not in a bright color...and expensive...I have it on one rod and am going to use it until I catch... These are the lines I currently use. I buy them in 1 or 3 lb spools and change line often. If I THINK it might have a slight nick or gets changed. I'm not gonna risk a huge fish on suspect line. All of my leaders are Berkley Trilene Big Game in clear. I use 50# for shockers and 80# for a 4-5' bite leader. I make my bait rigs out of 30 or 40 lb. I think I talked about hook leaders in the thread on hooks. I guess we can talk about knots some other time.
  12. Top o' the morning to all my pals, both those I know and those I've yet to know. Gonna be a beautiful day here in western NC.
  13. Well I don't really need any but next time you see 'em 3 pks for $10 pick me up a few. Can't pass up a deal like that.
  14. Ha, I guess you would. But the 1569s are spoken for. But...I have a bunch of 8 oz sinkers I need to get rid of.