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  1. Thanks Thats a big help to me, i really don't know what im doing hehe been so long and all plus thats what i get for being a computer jocky.
  2. i havent been fishing in a long time i never been shark fishing but im really looking forward to trying it out. so this is what i got so fare for a setup for what i could afford. Rod "Shakespeare Ugly Stik Bigwater Rod BWS 1100-12'-0" Reel "Shakespeare Platinum Saltwater Spinning Reel 7000ss" Line "Spiderwire Stealth Spectra PRO fishing line 80lb test 150 yards moss green" needed more but thats all they had should have bought online 300 or more. the line is really thin but sturdy just for fun i hooked one end to a truck and the other end to my pole just for fun and it held up for a long time before it even snaped so back to what i was geting at what else do i need that is good for my setup?:eusa_think:
  3. Thank's for the help i feel more assured now when or if i land one going camping in august on Assateague Island woooo!! going to do all night fishing:D bought a new fishing rod and reel so my wife can use my other pole so one will be set up for shark and the other for just plan surf fishing.
  4. howdy all im new here first time post!:eusa_clap: just was wondering which rays can i keep to eat or if any if its legal or not?:eusa_think: i been searching around the web trying to figure this out but no luck. so, i'll be doing most my fishing this year on Assateague Island, so any help will be appreciated.