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  1. Good to see this site back up. I've been an a fishing hiatus for a few years, but I'm back and ready for the fall run!
  2. I got back down today at 7:00 a.m. The beach was empty. I set up in my favorite spot and it wasn't long........until I started catching skates........low tide.......I met up with three friends around 11:00. More skates and a few doggies, then a skinny 29-1/2 inch striper. I think I'll try again tomorrow but wait until the afternoon moonrise:icon_wink:
  3. What are you doing READING messages on an internet forum?????? The fish are HERE! My boy and I fished DSSP yesterday for about three hours. We had three keepers up to 39" with my boy catching the big one. Fresh bait was nonexistent so I had to improvise....... Who knew fresh yardbird was so versatile?
  4. I've only gotten out three times this spring, but I've found some fish. Today I got this nice 42" 26lb striper on a chunk at CHSP. I also caught 15 - 20 skates, but almost no dogfish at all. I have about 20 bunker left over so I'll be hitting the beach at sunrise tomorrow. Stop by and say hi if you see my Subaru. I'd rather drive it on the beach than my 4wd F250. I do get some looks though:fucyc: Last Friday I got a 33" striper at the same spot. Thursday will probably be my last surf trip till fall, then I'll be starting after the flat ones from my boat...... Now if I could just get a shot w/o my foot in the frame.......
  5. Don't forget your Jersey Registration Card if you are fishing the Delaware Bay. There is a lot of good fishing on the Jesey side, including most of flounder alley, and almost all of the lighthouses. They are giving $50 fines this year w/t no warnings. You are supposed to have the card on you when fishing and it must be renewed each year. The good news is that it's free. I know several guys who were checked and given warnings last year. NJDEP-NJ Saltwater Recreational Registry Program
  6. I got my bunker at Smith's in Liepsic. I think they may now be done for the year though. Old Inlet had some today for $3 a lb.
  7. I bled the striper and released the blues. I made "poor man's lobster" last night with about 3/4 of the striper fillets. It was incredible. My kids and I tore into the striper chunks dipped in butter. It really has the texture of lobster cooked this way. The wife even ate some w/o putting tartar sauce on it, and that's saying something for a woman who wouldn't even eat fish at all when we first got married.
  8. Well it looks like the fish are finally in the surf, IF you can find some clean water and some fresh bunker, now is the time to go get them. I started out at Herring Point. The water was dirty and full of dogfish and skates. I headed south until I found some clean water at one of the DSSP beaches. I set up three rods with heads or chunks. In about 15 minutes my big rod goes down. After a weak fight, I get a nice 32" up on the sand. I got some more doggies and some skates, then had a few bite offs. I upped my leader from 50 to 80 # and started catching blues. The biggest was 36" and gave me an incredible fight. All of my fish were caught between 3 hours out and low tide. It was chilly out there today, but well worth it.
  9. Believe me, I have a crystal clear picture of the boat owner's face and his ridiculous haircut. I also have the boat make and model & the engine size and HP. I'm not really a praying man, but I sure was hoping I'd see those guys broken down on the road on the way out. Maybe it was for the better that I didn't. I checked three places around Dover, but nobody had any handles that would fit my winch. I ordered two new handles on the net, but who knows when they'll get here. I want to go fishing tomorrow, but I'm not looking foreward to cranking up my boat the last four feet with a crescent wrench again.
  10. I'd stay away from frozen bunker. I have never caught a thing on it. I have some right now that I got right off of the boat. I took it home and vac packed it immediately. It looked fine when I cut it up to fish. It was white and firm and stayed on the hook nicely, but it caught zero fish. I'd get some big chowder clams if I could not find any fresh bunker.
  11. Yep:icon_scratch:, I know it was them because we were the only two trucks in the parking lot, and the deer in the headlights look the guy gave me when I came back in a few minutes after leaving said it all. What comes around goes around, and people like that usually get what they deserve.
  12. My buddy Tony and I got to the ramp at dawn. There were three guys in a Privateer having trouble launching. The cable on their power winch was bound up. They asked for tools and help. We did not have the tools but offered to help. After a while, We launched and got down the creek a ways before I realized I did not have my blue card so we headed back to the ramp. The boat owner still at the ramp seemed real surprised to see me and stammered something as I walked up to my truck. I got my card, and headed back to the ramp. We ran out about 5 miles into the Delaware bay to a productive fall spot and anchored up. The tide was full in and not moving. We immediately started to catch oyster crackers. After about ten or so the tide began to run and the fish began to bite. It was non stop action for about three hours into the outgoing. I stopped counting after 20 stripers, and my buddy caught 21. The action was non-stop and we only left because we had used every piece of bait we brought. We had a couple that were 26", but that was the largest, but still a great day on the water. Now back to the scumbags:angryfire:............I go to pull my boat out and look at my winch.......and thanks to the scumbags, the winch handle is gone.:angryfire: I had a great time getting my boat up on the trailer with no winch. I don't know what is wrong with people these days. What a scummy thing to do.
  13. :angry4: I've been calling around for the last two days from Jersey to Maryland and all in between looking for some FRESH bunker. I left my name at several places and asked them to call me if they got any FRESH. I talked to one guy early this a.m. he said he had a netter out of Milford who was going to deliver some FRESH this afternoon. I get the call at 1:30, take off work and drive 50 miles down to the beach. I get to the Tackle shop on NEW RD. in LEWES <acronym title="Delaware"><acronym title="Delaware"><acronym title="Delaware">De</acronym></acronym></acronym>. and go in to pick up my FRESH. I go in the back, and lo and behold, the clown is thawing out flats of frozen Bunker from Kool Ice in Cambridge in coolers full of water:angry4::angry4: I was furious. Not only was it still frozen, it looked like it was half rotten when it was frozen. It was only fit for crab pot bait. It was all I could do not to go Rambo at the THREE guys behind the counter, and I'm pretty sure they got the message about how P.O'd I was about the situation too:icon_rambo: I sure miss Harbor Tackle, It was a 180 mile round trip but never once did Bev LIE about the quality of her bait. I don't understand how a businessman can flat out lie to their customers and expect to still stay in business. Lying about the product you are selling is FRAUD, plain and simple. Rant Over:BangHead: I have about ten bags of frozen bunker that was vac packed within 2 hours of coming off the boat. I guess I'll be using that and clams tomorrow. Hopefully someone gets some by the weekend.
  14. A 12' Ocean Master rated 6-12 oz. is a great heaver for <acronym title="Assateague Island"><acronym title="Assateague Island">AI</acronym></acronym>. They run about $150 but can be had cheaper when on sale. My buddy just got a 12' Daiiwa Sealine for $70. It's a pretty nice rod for the $. MH, Graphite, Fuji guides, etc... I threw it last week. Not as much backbone as the OM, but a very nice rod for the $$$. I'm probably going to pick one up if I can get the heavy for that price. You may want to look at Breakaway also.
  15. Finaddict, I'm sorry I missed you guys. It looks like you had fun with the black drum. Hmmmmm, that guy (thanks again) in the last picture looks familiar.