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  1. Good news here that The OSRS team released of a player-submitted rework for the Quest side-panel, Drew and his Sandstone machine and Quality of Life changes this week,so the following details is about the quest Panel and other QoL Changes this week, but remember that there is an important thing is RS3gold free 900M rs gold is coming on Mar18, never miss join this biggest flash sale. Please mark the flash sale link earlier. The Quest Panel The OSRS team have updated the Quest side panel to have a more intuitive tab system. This will now allow you to switch more easily between the Quest, Achievement Diaries, Minigames and Kourend Favour lists. There is scope for further tabs to be added if necessary, but the "player summary" tab would be better placed elsewhere in the user interface. QoL Changes This Week Varrock Museum Cleaning Process The process of cleaning finds at the Varrock Museum has been vastly improved! The following changes have been made: 1. Cleaning finds is now done automatically. 2. Cleaning finds has been sped up. 3. The click area of the rocks has been improved. 4. The pile of rocks on the left can now also be clicked on to get uncleaned finds. 5. Specimen tables now have a left-click clean option to clean your finds. 6. The storage crates at the corner of the museum now have a left-click option which allows you to deposit all the useless finds you have. 7. When taking tools from the wall to work with, you will now be given everything you don't currently have to be able to clean finds with rather than having to take one of everything. 8. Players can now hold as many Uncleaned finds as they want. 9. Picking up finds has been automated however it's still faster to manually pick up the rocks. 10. The Museum guard no longer asks you if you would like to enter the cleaning area every time you try to enter. He will only ask on the first time of every session. Oldak Accepts Noted Glass Players may now use noted Molten Glass to create Dorgesh-kaan spheres. Mystic Robe Sets Sets are now available from the Grand Exchange for all versions of Mystic Armour. Right-Click Travel on Veos and Magoro Veos and Captain Magoro now have right click options for their destinations of Port Sarim, Port Piscarilius and Land's End. Brimstone Chest Counter The Brimstone Chest found by Konar on Mount Karuulm now tracks the amount of times the player has opened it. The number will appear in your message box each time you open it and can be checked at any time by right-click the chest. As per usual when adding counters in-game, this will only track the number you have opened since this update. Sandstone to Sand Drew and his Sandstone Grinder have been added to the West of the Granite Quarry. Drew can store up to 25,000 noted buckets. Players may take unnoted Sandstone to the grinder to generate up to 25,000 sand charges. Each size of sandstone brick from 10KG down to 1KG used to charge the grinder will provide 8/4/2/1 sand charges. Players can then claim noted buckets of sand from Drew at a cost of 50 GP, 1 sand charge and 1 stored bucket.
  2. Great news here a new brand Treasure Hunter promo already began now, Which brings a new type of lamp and some brand new cosmetics, so now lets learn about the detail about this is so called as Phoenix Lamps,additionally, you'd better not miss Learn Phoenix Lamps&snap up RS3gold free 900M runescape gold for sale on Mar18. Phoenix Lamps What’s so special about these lamps? As the name might suggest, Phoenix Lamps have a chance of being saved upon use, meaning they may live to be used once again! Plus, like Smouldering Lamps, if a skill is chosen that has bonus experience, up to the same amount of bonus experience is converted into normal experience as well. A new winged backpack, a fetching glowing aura and a winged chest pet will be up for grabs among the prizes. Completionist Cape RS team is willing to update Completionist Cape, which is not really decided but is researching now,Owing to the controversial of update Completionist Cape, RS team said that you should write down your statement on every part of socail platform. Anyway, you should not miss our greatest sale with up to 900M RS GOLD & 150M osrs gold for free on Mar 18 Flash sale.Enjoy your gaming.
  3. RS players there is the changes listed in this post wrap up everything that was polled in both Skilling week and Re-run week, minus the Special Attack Orb change which has been held back for further testing. We are now looking to make a start on the changes from the final month: Miscellaneous. and you can also snap up RS3gold rs gold cheap with up to 9% off til March 14 and The first of these (regarding the Expert mining gloves) is included below: Prayer Skill Guide The Prayer skill guide now shows the icon for each prayer rather than a holy symbol. ? Dragon Defender The Dragon defender has been updated to appear red rather than pink. Hespori Growth Indicator A plant has been added to indicate when the Hespori is fully grown in the Farming guild. When the plant by the Hespori's cave entrance is sprouted and open, this means the Hespori is ready to be fought or has been killed but not yet looted. Chambers of Xeric Changes This update brings the last of the changes from the Chambers of Xeric blog we published last month. Although that blog proposed an update to the energy wells in the Chambers, that wasn't so well received, so we're not proceeding with it for now. It can be polled in future if players do turn out to want it. We're also no longer pushing the idea of Xeric's Wards, the items that would earn you the right to avoid an undesirable boss room, at least for now. However, players did make some additional requests in response to the blog. In particular, we'd like to adjust how the Chambers of Xeric scales its NPCs' combat stats and points to suit each party. The current behaviour is to look at the average combat stats of the party members. This has led to parties being disadvantaged if a pure member drags down their averages. We'd like to change it so that it looks at the highest combat stats of any party member, rather than the average ones. For solo trips this won't make a difference, but mixed parties will no longer be so disadvantaged by including pures. That change hasn't been ready for this week's update, but we hope to launch it in early March. In conclusion , you can enjoy your game under this prayer guide, and if you want to buy rs gold you can come to our site to test your fortune and save much more money.
  4. In the the second major release of this year, the Song of Elves, you are going to see a new Crystal weapon, the Crystal Armour OSRS added besides new bosses like Zalcano, and new minigame like the Gauntlet. The Gauntlet loot table won’t directly give Crystal Armour. Instead, it will have a chance of giving a Crystal armour seed. A Crystal armour seed can be combined with Crystal shards to create the pieces of the new Crystal Armour set. Could you miss RS3gold 9% off buy rs gold &get new Crystal weapon ,and everything is always cheap and safe here. Crystal shards are another new item that players will be able to obtain by completing various activities in Prifddinas, including the Gauntlet. Crystal armour seeds will be tradeable but Crystal shards and the armour itself will not. The rate at which Crystal shards are gathered will vary depending on the activity, but the maximum will be roughly 50 shards per hour. Players who do not meet the level requirements will be able to pay an elf in Prifddinas to create the armour for them. This will cost 60 additional Crystal shards per piece of armour. In addition to these stats, the armour will have a set effect. When all three pieces are worn, you will receive a 10% boost to damage and a 20% boost to accuracy when using crystal weaponry. This will also apply partially when wearing individual pieces of the set. In other words, a 2% damage boost will be given for each item worn with an extra 4% if the full set is worn, giving 10% in total. Similarly, give a 4% accuracy boost will be given for each item worn with an extra 8% if the full set is worn, giving 20% in total. Like other crystal equipment, Crystal Armour will degrade. However, unlike other crystal equipment, its stats won’t degrade as it does. Over time, the armour will degrade into an uncharged version, similar to Barrows armour. You will be able to add more charges by using Crystal shards on either charged or uncharged versions of the armour. Each Crystal shard will provide 100 charges and each armour piece will hold up to 5,000 charges in total. Each piece of freshly made armour will start with 2,500 charges. Charges will be lost as hits are taken while wearing the armour, with each hit removing one charge. Both charged and uncharged pieces of armour can be dismantled at any time. Doing so will return the Crystal armour seed but any Crystal shards will be lost. Because Crystal armour is untradeable and can only be made in Prifddinas, it will require Song of the Elves completion to equip. A dangerous death in PvP will cause Crystal armour to revert to their seeds which would then be dropped for the killer. Any Crystal shards will be lost. but you can also fetch chance to gain rs gold with up to 9% off on RS3gold if you need.