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  1. Was on the Island last Thursday and stayed til Sat. morning when then greenheads got too bad for me. I got 14 spot, one kingfish, and one small blue. I will be on the outer banks from Fri til next Sunday. Hope the weather is a little cooler. AMSA is this weekend on the Island, there will be a lot of campers there for sure. Good fishing to all. Big-Dog AMSA 107 Life member
  2. Please change my e-mail address to I will be retiring from this e-mail in 13 days and then I will be on the Beach for the summer. If you see a harvest gold w/black lower and a Lance 11.5 camper stop by and say hi. The coffee pot will be on. AMSA # 107

  3. Looks like all that were there had a real good time. Wish I could have made it but work calls this time. Good job on all that did catch something. Great photos and still looking for some more. Keep up the good work. See you all on the beach for the AMSA party.
  4. Thanks guys for the Birthday wishes. Had a whole bunch over to the house Sunday for a big cook-out and had a great time. Now that's over it's time to get over to the beach and catch some fish. Don't think that I will be able to make it this weekend caouse I have a tree to drop for my mother but next weekend it's to the beach for the big jamberee. See you all on the Island. Thanks again :) Big-Dog AMSA #107