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  1. Thanks Sam! I don't know why i can't post pix's on here... lol ( i know its just me)
  2. Yes...they are still around! ...Mag caught another rock this past Friday ... ( 2/10) surf fishing Fenwick beach. This one was 35" and weighted 17 lbs...alittle bigger than the last one. I would love to post a pix here but to be honest, I don't know how! haa Still learning i guess......
  3. Mag said it was heading west....with a hook in him ! LOL .... it did had 3 and 1/2 palm size speckled crabs in its belly ...they seemed to be almost paper shell..... had bunker for desert haa
  4. Awesome fishing !!! Congrats to all...
  5. Has anyone heard the final on the tournament..? Just curious....
  6. WTG DAVE !! and Good Luck to all thats fishing...
  7. Congrats to all the winners!! It turned out to be a beautiful weekend FINALLY! LOL We had a great time!
  8. Ok...sorry I didn't see my 1st post!!!!! Guess I'm excited!! LOL
  9. I heard that there is "Red's" on the Island!! A good friend of ours caught a 46" today...thats all I know for now!!
  10. I have heard " Red's on the island !!!!! A good friend of ours caught a 46" this morning...thats all I know!
  11. WHOA! Way ta go SAM!! Thats one nice fish to say the least!!!!! Seems like the tempo has been set! lol I'm sure your sister enjoyed her dinner and was probably very proud of her brother!! ;-)
  12. That's a fantastic day on the island! Congrats on all that! Way ta go Rock and Reds..and Company !!!