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  1. Assateague Island, VA May 15/16 Friday H 1317, L 1906; Saturday L 0757, H 1403. Got on the beach around 1330 Friday and ran into John of PA...we had spoken in passing before and fished alongside each other in '08 Sat of Mother's day Brought fresh bunker from Kool Ice and clams & peelers from Jimmy @ Capt Steve's. Bunker heads on one of 5 rods never caught They call bunker a Fall bait in Chinco. Around 1450 John's rod goes and produces a 38", 30lb black drum. Not 10-15 mins later my buddy's loaner goes and produces my first black drum...36", 27.1 lbs. Couple doggies/skates but not many. Around 2000 and John & I decide to go grab dinner after dropping the monsters @ Capt. Steve's Get a 3 hour nap and am first on @ 0500. John & I decide to hit the same spot and start getting more doggies and few skates. At around 0845 Maranto's rod goes again, and I get a 25", 8lb black drum. Doggies got a lil thicker and one knock down which pulled my ff sliding weight to the shock leader/running line knot...maybe a rock?!?! Had to get home and pulled in at 1100. Really can't say enough about the help and hospitality I always receive from all @ Capt. Steve's All fish on peelers Had the smaller black tonight for dinner
  2. Leg and I fished bloodies from 0645...high was 1030. Never caught so much grass!!!:angryfire: Seemed like everyonr else had the same problem. Did not see anyone catching. Many gave up and left.
  3. Arrived the ORV around 0605 and lines in by 0635 Saturday morning. Using squid strips tipped w/ FBBW. 45 mins of nice size croakers caught by Mike next to me. I kept getting the smaller ones...both of us fishing between the first breakers and the bar. NE wind and chilly all day...never got over 75 degs. Fishing turned over to spot and got them periodically all day...kept me entertained Mommy suggested it would be nice if we all went together Sunday, so we did not arrive the ORV till 1100. Guys next to me arrived at 0500 and said nothing really happened early any way and they did not see anyone else get anything. Thought they caught a couple weakies...but were not sure. Nothing for while then got a nice 14-15" croakie. After the tide changed, kept getting spot...2 at a time for while. Was fun and mommy even brought one in All in all a great pan-fish weekend...yea, can't wait till something bigger that is edible or Reds start to show
  4. Friday the 13th: Got out lil late(0615) and started w/ real bloodworms. Kept getting bites on the short rods...but worms stolen...finally brought in a VERY small spot...even w/ small hooks, they were stealing my bait:angry9:. Switched over to squid strips tipped w/ bloodworm-Fishbites. That was the ticket! Wish I could have stayed a lil later, but had to go get the family and bring them back to the beach. Guys next to me using the same bait had the same success for the kings. At one point three of us brought in a king each at the same time! Ended up fishing most of Friday & Saturday and 3.5 hours Sunday. Caught everything using the squid strips tipped w/ fish-bites combo on store bought kingfish rigs(small hooks). As many kings as you want, VERY small spot, 1 snapper blue, 1 small weakfish, and the usual sandsharks and skates during the very low and slack tides. Yea, trying to fish amoungst the mostly inexperienced anglers, swimmers and kayakers can be a challenge during the day...but early mornings and evenings were fine Even enjoyed a couple beverages in the afternoons w/ no issues as usual(always a good idea to use a koozie and keep cool). High tides were mornings/evenings and kings were more prevalent then. Caught them sporadically during the meat of the day. If you are looking for Summertime table-fare from the suds, try going to Assateague Island/Virginia:happy2::happy2:
  5. I'm not sure about the big red drum being caught at Assateague Island/Virginia...but they catch a heck of a lotta black drum down there! Not really the place to fish the suds during tourist season, however during the off season when the ORV is open...especially when you can go all the way down to the hook...way cool:icon_thumright:
  6. Take a look at Steve's B & T web-site in Chincoteague. They have been catching the big blacks like crazy down there:happy2:
  7. Try Capt. Steve's B&T on Maddox Blvd. It is on the left across from the miniature golf course. Jimmy or Tom can help you. Try calling first before going down. Otherwise, Kool Ice in Cambridge will sell you 50 lbs for CHEAP!:happy2:
  8. Just saw a great report from yesterday on Capt. Steve's B&T web-site. Not only are the black drum hitting...but Rock have started to show in numbers:happy10: Good thing I got mine on Sunday:happy2:
  9. Mommy said she wanted to again spend Mother's Day weekend camping in Chincoteague after a chilly trip last year...who was I to argue:icon_thumleft: Stopped by Kool Ice for 50lbs of bunker on the way and headed down. Fished 3 hours Friday w/ notta. First in the park Saturday morning at 0500 and caught skates & doggies all morning:angry5: Went back to grab the family at 0900 and returned for 3.5 more hours that afternoon. Another skate and notta. Blew off the early Sunday morning fishing to get some rest and have the kids give her Mother's Day cards and gifts...also wanted to fix her breakfast. As the wind was really honk'n, she and Rachel decided to blow-off the sand blasting and get an early start home. So, lil Frank and I decided we could go down and maybe listen to the race and see wassup...Good thing! Had been throwing out soft crabs for black drum they've been catching and bunker heads and cut bunker for Mr. Rock. Only one other guy fish'n the entire ORV south. Needed 8s and 10s to hold. Looked like I had found a cut in the bar Both big rods out...decided to throw the 10' skate machine out again to fight another skate or doggie...right behind the closest breakers. Only out an hour and walked down to see if another spot might be better...before the high tide took the jeep. Looked back to the rods and one was bumping...looked like another skate and slowly walked back to retrieve. This one swam side to side a little more and thought it was the current. Flashed it's stripped sides in the wash and started praying it was big enough to keep...1 at 32" for rock in VA till the 15th:book1: . Came in 33" and a skinny 10lbs! First keeper from the suds Caught the last 30 laps of the race w/ lil Frank and headed home. Only wish Mommy and Rachel would have stayed to see it come in...she got a Capt. Steve's hat out of it at least:icon_syda: See report if interested on Capt. Steve's B&T web site
  10. Left the dock(Deale, MD) at 0630...a little late as we had forgotten a crucial gas oil additive(TCW3):eusa_wall: ...0600 found at the 7-11:idea: . North Beach tide 0720. Running umbrella rigs with tandemn swim shads and white bucktails outside of Ches. Beach in 35-37' of water. Nothing started until 0810. Bunch of shorts and one keeper. Heard going south was the key...not for us. After a 50 min. lull running south, we started back going North. 23" & 24" caught off the radar towers. 7 fish brought to the boat. 2 lil over 18", 1 each 23", 1 each 24". 3 sent back to get bigger. Larger fish taken on the white bucktails w/ white shads. Great day on the bay:D
  11. Out around to the Navy jetty by 0550. Met Capt. Stan(friend of old school, DE) fly fishing the beach and received some local knowledge...Thanx Stan. Had bait in the water by 0630. Going for eating fish only(no shark bait). One small weakie aound 8-9" went back to get bigger. Couple biting flies and nats...but a beautiful morning! Anyone getting any rock or flatties from Cedar St. beach at Roosevelt Inlet in the morning? If so, are swim shad baits doing anything?
  12. About 17 or so years ago, my girlfriend(wife now) Anne, brother and I were camping in Chincoteague. While fishing the suds of AIVA one day, she thought she had a fish on one of my rods. Upon fighting the "fish" into the beach, we discovered she had caught a 7'6" Zebco combo rod and reel:D Have been using that rod as a short ever since...less the reel which went bad 6 years ago and replaced with a better reel. Just this Spring while again fishing AIVA, I jumped out of the family van to head down to watch a guy beach a nice 35" black drum and in haste slammed the slidding side door...clipping-off the top 1'6" of the rod... :frown: Easy come at AIVA, easy go:eusa_wall: