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  1. ...These silly birds need to devolve already... enough of this prolonged descent into eternity ... time to get it over with...
  2. Where is a good general location to try some shore based casting for a hog in the flats area ? Any water suitable for paddling about with a canoe in the flats area ? Never fished the flats but I want to give it a try this year. What kind of set up ? Bottom ? Bloodworms ?
  3. Make em pay too. Request 'litter' ature from them often. There are other ways you can cost em too. I cant remember em all. Maybe flood their 800 #'s with silly questions. Does that still cost the call receiver money nowadays? Any drain ya can put on em is a good jab to their collective gut.
  4. Its a great time for me. Nothing like feeling the raw power of those beasts of nature. Those big reels can help em recover faster on a release too. They tend to have more strength left from the fight, when brought in faster. If a healthy release is a part of your game.
  5. Whats the 24 hour no time restrictions sticker going for this season at AI ?
  6. Make a schweet coat. Id keep those paws attached to the sleeves too.
  7. Maybe he's bitter now. His federal appellate nomination from 2001 to 2007 is the longest in history not to be acted upon by our Senate. 'Overlooked' was a good way to put it.
  8. Good luck Randy. Is Pal Jacks Pizza still there on main street in Laurel?
  9. So many ways to go in the do it yourself category. I chose red oak and stainless steel.
  10. Fmla?
  11. BRUTAL! The steelers came out to win last night. No doubt.