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  1. Release Mortality: With the flounder season of 19" and creel limit of three we all need to understand that with every increase in size limits the release mortality rises. Remember that a dehooker will allow a hands free release in many cases, thus avoiding contaminating the fish. Deep hooks require more care and thus a decision as to whether you cut the line leaving the hook intact or using the appropriate tool to attempt to remove it. I prefer a quick cut of the line so as not to cause bleeding.

    Hook selection is very important! Believe me, circle hooks work well and avoid most deep hooked fish. Those of you who prefer fishing wide gaps and J hooks should use 3/0 and 4/0 hooks or larger and larger baits as they will reduce the likelyhood of catching smaller fish.

    Finally, bronze will rust out quicker that the chrome giving the deep hooked a greater chance of survival.