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  1. Release Mortality: With the flounder season of 19" and creel limit of three we all need to understand that with every increase in size limits the release mortality rises. Remember that a dehooker will allow a hands free release in many cases, thus avoiding contaminating the fish. Deep hooks require more care and thus a decision as to whether you cut the line leaving the hook intact or using the appropriate tool to attempt to remove it. I prefer a quick cut of the line so as not to cause bleeding.

    Hook selection is very important! Believe me, circle hooks work well and avoid most deep hooked fish. Those of you who prefer fishing wide gaps and J hooks should use 3/0 and 4/0 hooks or larger and larger baits as they will reduce the likelyhood of catching smaller fish.

    Finally, bronze will rust out quicker that the chrome giving the deep hooked a greater chance of survival.

  2. As we approach the flounder season, I would like to encourage our recreational fishermen to consider using larger hooks, especially when fishing live bait. My belief is that we will have a much greater release mortality with the 19" minimum size unless we do things differently. Suggested hook sizes with live bait would be as follows: wide gap hooks- 4/0 and 5/0; circle hooks- 2/0 to 4/0; j hooks-3/0 and up. Circle hooks, while requiring a different hooking technique, are awfully effective in preventing deep-hooked fish. Handling the fish is extremely important as well. Effective use of a dehooker and you do not even have to touch the fish. If you choose to handle the fish do so with a damp cloth. If the fish is deep-hooked, cut the line and leave the hook in. The fish will have a greater chance of survival and you lost only an easily replaceable hook and saved a valuable resource.
  3. In case you haven't gotten the word, the flounder season of 19" minimum fish with a creel limit of three has been approved by MD DNR. The season runs from April 17 to November 22. However, if a projected overfishing occurs within that time frame the DNR will shorten the season.

    So---if you are one of those very successful fluke fisherman, practice some catch and release.

  4. Our combined clubs, MSSA/ACC and the Ocean Pines Anglers, held their annual Flounder Frenzy on Thursday for members and guests. We had thirty-eight participants. With 95% of the captains reporting, 245 flounder were landed that included 45 legal fish. The winning fish was caught by Bill Walsh @ 26". Second place was Jim Giles @ 24 1/2" and third place was Dave Rippey @ 23 1/4". It seemed that fishing was great through the bay area as fish were caught at the Rt.90 bridge, the Thoroughfare, the Rt 50 bridge and at the airport area. Bill Walsh and his 26" Flounder If you are not a member of these two clubs you are invited to join as we work hard to protect the recreational fishery and ensure the health of the coastal bays and Atlantic Ocean.
  5. Captain Monty Hawkins has been nominated, along with two others, to fill a vancacy on the MAFMC. We have an opportunity to get a highly qualified, super energized and truly opened minded individual on all fishing issues on this board. This is a guy who is in the field and on our seas daily, and not a career politician developing ideas from behind a desk, that will provide valuable insight to the powers to be. We need new and creative ideas to improve our fisheries and Captain Monty is the person for that job. Please take the time to write a letter to Secretary of Commerce Carlos Guttierrez who approves the nomination. His address is U.S. Department of Commerce, 1401 Constitution Ave. NW, Washington D.C.,20230. Thanks. Budd Heim President Atlantic Coast Chapter MSSA
  6. Sam, Thanks for an opportunity to hear about and see through the slide show a completely different angle to fishing that most of our group had not experienced. You captivated the audience. And I'm sure that you created some interest inthe surf that was not there before. Budd Heim