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  1. There are several different versions - All you need is to add a rod rack on the front of the Wind Server truck and your ready to go.
  2. My first job out of college was an officer in DNR for the State of Maryland. I was commissioned in 1979 and took my first assignment in Central Maryland. I know first hand the balance a good Ranger needs to maintain the laws and be a conservationist, while helping people with their recreation needs. That’s why I can't seem to let go of what’s happening to the very people who look out for Assateague. I was at the fling and know of the citations given for a dog playing on the beach. I heard about the citations for falling asleep at 6:00 am in a chair with baited rods, forced to take down an empty tent, forced out of the back of a jeep when riding safely down the beach. While I was a State officer not Federal, the job should not be that different. Law enforcement by a Ranger was a tool used as a last resort. What happened? I myself have fished Assateague since 1977. I always followed the laws and even assisted the rangers on more then one occasion. My feelings up until this year were the Rangers are there to assist you if needed, and to keep the public safe. If there was a need for law enforcement, then they were there. Now I feel like there is a Ranger behind every sand dune waiting for somebody to break a law, any law, and then write the citation. That’s not what I was taught, and not my idea of a Rangers place in the Federal Park system. I have long since left the state of Maryland, but I'm still employed in the fishing and hunting field. As luck would have it I'm deeply connected with the Maryland Legislative Sportsman Caucus, (feel free to look us up on line). I relayed my concerns to Senator John Astle, who is in the leadership roll of the Caucus, and fishing and hunting companion. He advised me to let Chief Ranger Mike Anderson know of the issues we are facing. Should the Chief Ranger not attempt to correct or at least explain the issues, please let him know the names of the Rangers involved. Being a new member to this board, I will not do anything until I hear from this forum. The last thing I want to do is open Pandora's Box. Thanks for letting me vent.
  3. Back in the early 80's we fished the bridge at night for Trout until the tide started to slack. We then rushed to a pond thats behind the Sate Roads Salt silo at Rt. 113 and Rt. 50. The pond was always clear and the Bass could be seen during the day, but would not hit anything. During the night they would crush buzz baits, or any other topwater noise maker. One night Ricky my buddy and OC local got a hit on a Gitterbug and the line went stright up and over the pond. He set the hook, and for the next hour we both learned just how pissed off, and strong a Great Horned Owl can be. Cut to close, he beat both of us, and kept the Gitterbug.We went back up the bridge and fished the next tide, no longer concerned about Bluefish.
  4. I agree with trowpa. We invade THEIR living space and people have the nerve to complain. I say - the bears, fish and bugs were there before you showed up. Don't like it? Then stay on the boardwalk or your sterile mall. You have to take the +/- of any adventure.
  5. Let me say up front, I'm using my husband's login and I am just a savy fishing wife and love a good bargain. I go to this great site everyday to see what the deal of the day is and today it 6 Mile FRS/GMRS Radio with NOAA Weather – 2 pack for under $20. I am going to buy a set for the upcoming shark get together. not sure if I can post the link, but google WOOT and you should be able to find it. I've never used them before but the price is right. Thanks. Kelly