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  1. Everybody in entitled to there opinion which is what is so great. The one thing thou about not being fishing related. These organizations are the ones that are trying to shut down our beaches because of wildlife endangerment and how they Strongly are fully against fishing. Remember thou, This in just my personal opinion. I am not the type to raise cane between follow fisherman. Thanks, Ron DMS #288
  2. I say euthanize all PETA members. After all that they talk about it figures this stuff happens. And I still say that these type of groups are what is part of this countries problems. It seems like if you have enough funds they can do what they want and not what they say. Thanks for posting, Ron DMS #288
  3. I am looking into getting into selling these if I can see enough intrest. Would anyone on here be interested in an LED ajustable sensativity light. It lights when you get a bite. It is not on all the time so it also helps save the battery. I have had one for three years and still has the same battery. I dont seem to see the picture that I uploaded. (should be below) It shows on preview. Ron
  4. 25 or 30 years ago Blow fish were so abundant that when we were crabbing off of my grandmothers pier in Indian River they use to grab a hold of the chicken necks on the end of the lines and we use to net them. Great eating. Spider crabs where also pretty plentiful then. I herd it has something to do with the quality of the water is why they are not in the same numbers that they used to be. But they are on a comeback. Ron
  5. Here is one of Gene's flyers. The prices have most likly gone up from what is on the flyer. It's an old one... Ron
  6. You can't go wrong with a Reynolds rack. They are built to last. Gene is a great guy. I have only met and talked to him two or three times but like you said he makes you feel like you have been friends for years. I would wish you good luck on your purchase BUT I know you wont need any luck with a Reynolds.... Ron
  7. Coop. Look into the spikes with the mounting on the rack. You won't be disapointed. Keeps them ready to go at all times and out of the way. Gene makes good stuf. Ron
  8. Gene Reynolds makes some nice ones and there not that bad in price. $18 and $22. Lower right on flyer. Ron
  9. I have a buddy of mine that purchased a boat last season and the capacity label has been painted over. Already talked to manufacture about getting one but they don't give them out. Would like to try and get a new label. Tried cleaning off paint but the paint and info on the label comes off together. I have the vin. number. Does anyone know how I would go about getting one. The manufacture said maybe the coast guard or the aux. It's for a 16ft. Landau modified V Thanks, Ron
  10. Randy, You stumped me there for a minute. I thought you knew him. It's my brother and his name is Steve...... Ron
  11. You just never know when you will get the big one..... Ron
  12. Thanks for the info and for the welcome guys. Hoax23, that is a great idea on the link you provided. I allready have the post and receiver made up I was just looking for a picture to see if it was about the same as what I am planning on making. Thanks again and will be checking out this forum regularly. Ron
  13. Like Steve said, Roll them up in some kind of blanket. I make two trips a year to Hatteras and we break down the rods. bunch them togather then wrap with velcro straps and then wrap them in a blanket and set them on top of other equipment in the back of the truck under the tonneau cover. Has worked fine for over ten years with no problems. Ron
  14. I am looking for a picture of the mounts for a Reynolds rod rack mounted on a 97 F-150 truck. I have all the metal stock to make just need a picture to go by to make up a set. Money is Very tight so I can't get Gene to make them up right now. If anyone has a picture of the mounts that bolt to the truck it would be greatly appriciated. Thanks, Ron