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  1. Me and my fishin partner will be down for the old inlet tourney next weekend. If anybody is around the fridahy bfore....and you see a silver honda ridgeline on da beach...stop by and have a drink..or just say hi!!! ~Mark
  2. Would love to catch a Hammer from the surf.....nice to see AAnglers is still active....I haven't logged onto it at least a year!!
  3. Night fishing is a wonderful time to target these critters as well...privacy and no swimmers at that time, and casting works wonderfully due to the steep drop / no secondary bar. theres also quite a rush yakkin our baits in the dark.....especially after you get past the breakers..a little freaky...but thats not for everybody and safety is key....
  4. Whatever we do....were on the same side, and need to keep fighting for our rights...and use discretion when targeting gonna have a great season....and not let this stuff bring me down....but I will use my noggin when i'm out there.
  5. How were you losing the bait? Was it gettin bit off...or was it coming off when you cast? there have been many threads with the cutting up and hooking of bunka.....ill try to find one
  6. Myself and a few buddies will be down there that night to try our i ll keep an eye out for your red jeep. Won't be there till about 8:00 or so....but ill keep ya of us should catch!!!!
  7. Coop gave me my first surfishin tips years ago when I met him on the beach...he's a barometer for when fish are around...and an ambassadeur of the are a lot of others on this and other forums. By this weekend some bass willbe caught....ill be there for it!!
  8. Im going to try to get down there real soon.....this weekend is looking good.
  9. Where was that caught?? Down south somewhere. Thats a pretty freaky picture with that bite out of the fish. Doesn't sur[rise me however.
  10. Hey Hulkster. I know there was some damage to Assateague...but not sure about DE Seashore. Maybe Morty or one of the locals will know....but hopefully its open. I checked the DE Seashore Ppark website and didn't see anything posted about it. ...
  11. Id agree. fill those reels with mono ...30 to 40 lb., add a heavy shock leader of over 100 lbs., maybe 30 feet or so, then add a wire leader of maybe 10 to 15 feet. Braid is great...but its expensive . will cut the crap out of you when handling a big fish, and gets in terrible knots when a shark rolls in the wash....
  12. Im pretty sure all the beaches will be closed down...and pretty darn dangerous. Would suggest you make some other plans for the weekend.....itll be nasty
  13. know the statistics and habits of a Bull....they are there.....its only a matter of time before "incidents" occur like this one...whether with fisherman or bathers. Thats a serious critter.....Is there any kind of protection on Bull Sharks??
  14. When you mentioned line replacement. it made me Angler's..just before you cross the bay bridge heading east...that have spool of 3000 yd suffix at extrreme clearing prices. $24.94 for most. That was a month ago...but they may still have inventory. Its a steal for what I believe is the best mono....FYI if any yall come from across the bridge.