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  1. From the time I was born to the present, I have been feeling the fall of the north. I still have the impression of autumn and high in my mind. This year, because of my relationship with school, I felt different autumn feelings in the south for the first time. But the fall here should be a girl, so shy, so I have to look for it, and I am really looking for her. I am out of the collective apartment building, the air is wet Cheap Marlboro Free Shipping, the breeze is drizzling, like the girl's slender Carefully caress my face. Looking into the distance, the foggy, campus path seems to have been erased at the end. The white fog rises from the ground, through the tree gap, suspended in midair, and the entire campus looks sultry. All said that one fell and knew the autumn, I fell on the plants, but the leaves were still bright, the grass was still green, and the hibiscus was still swaying by the lake. Take my own, the cold and hot physical feelings, before I did not look at the solar terms, I seem to be fooled by nature to wear the cotton jacket to wear the yarn at night, it is a naughty child! On the old school building, the color of the ivy is unique, and it is a piece of powder, red, green, and yellow. In my eyes, I see it in a single color. There are many workers along the road to pruning branches. In the north, this is done to make plants grow better, but this is autumn. Later I realized that this is to prevent frost and snow from sticking to the falling leaves Cheap Smokes Free Shipping. I still didn't find the shadow of autumn, but I was not willing, so I walked out of the campus and looked far away from Yuelu Mountain. The plants were green and white, and the whole mountain was rising in white fog. I was trapped in a huge steamer. However, the fog is cool, there are many people in the mountains, and I know their minds Carton Of Newport 100. They are like "seeking autumn" like me, because there is a love night pavilion that "parks and loves Fenglin night". I experienced the feeling of Du Mu��s poetry at the time. I continued to collect the information of autumn along the way Cheap Wholesale Cigarettes. There were half of the chrysanthemums, golden ginkgo leaves and fiery red maple leaves, but they were just the whole forest, but more An endless green. In the southern fall, which seems to have nothing to do with autumn, it is a sorrowful sorrow that brings a more vivid autumn impression. Now I understand, this girl is so cute, why did it start to write autumn in the late fall, because I thought that the autumn in the south was only late, so she waited for her slow arrival, and she had already come to me. Just appeared in a strange autumn state Cigarettes Free Shipping, hiding in people's wool sleeves and hiding and hiding. When I found out her existence, she smiled and waved to say goodbye to me. I silently promised in my heart: "Next year I will I am still waiting for you here
  2. When my mother was a child, she lived in the countryside. The rural mountains were beautiful and the people were doing their own things. Life was relatively good. I don't know when there is a prodigal son in the village. When I am young, I often steal things. I steal eggs from the chicken nests of others. Some people have scrap iron and he can steal and sell money. Some people advised his father to take charge of the children Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons, but his father said that his mother died early, I have to work alone, to eat, and how to manage him. So no one restrained him from stealing more and more frequently Newport Short. My mother's mother is my grandmother who died early. The only thing left for my mother is a small machete. My mother cherishes it. One day, the boy came to the mother's house and turned around. When the mother didn't pay attention, she took the little scimitar and the mother was in a hurry. The mother of the small machete was full of memories, saying that it was beautifully crafted, sharp and beautiful, and more importantly, it was something that the grandmother left for her mother. The mother caught up with the kid holding his clothes and said: "You give me the little machete!" The kid looked like a slinger, Lai Pei said: "What little scimitar, then be careful, I am jealous of you. Mother is anxious. I��m going to cry, I��m trying to catch the kid��s clothes corner, I��m afraid he��s running. ��That��s what my mom left for me, it��s a memorial, I can��t lose it, you give it back to me Marlboro Wholesale, I��ll I will give you a knife. Is it fierce? He has wet his eyes for a while. He will return the small machete to his mother and say, "I don't want your knife. Mother's things should be kept safe. No, I.. .... I want my mom... I, I will never steal it again... Really! Later, I heard his news that he helped his father to work hard, occasionally Going out to work and earning money to subsidize the family is really a bad change. People say that he is a sigh of praise, but also jokingly blaming his father should take care of the children earlier Cheap Marlboro Free Shipping, but fortunately the kid did not go further and further on the wrong path. A person's heartstring is actually very easy to touch, whether he is good or evil, we must believe that love can influence a person Marlboro Red 100S Carton Price, can let The prodigal son.
  3. From the time I remember, I lived in a remote northwest county town. There was no wave of life. Everything was as calm as usual. I felt that I would talk about it all my life. Like the old man in the village, I was sunbathing and feeding the animals. Leisurely spend the rest of my life, think about it is not impossible, the actual is also a smooth life, no waves, daily trivial, really true Marlboro Lights Carton, and many people still live long, and now the city people yearn for a kind of world life. As soon as the boy is young, the blood is just right, there is a dream to go to the outside world to see, just like the frog at the bottom of the well, the vast world outside is full of curiosity and temptation Marlboro Lights 100S, why must stay in the well for a lifetime? that. Finally, I have the opportunity to study in a small city. Although I am trying to adapt to the surrounding society, when everything is fresh, when the dream of imagination is broken, when the head of life is broken. I slowly realized that the big world has its own jungle law. Survival is the basic requirement. You must have the ability to survive and abide by the basic rules of social survival of the fittest. Therefore, I have been working hard and looking forward to a bigger city. One day, I finally got the courage to come to Shanghai to work hard Carton Of Newport Cigarettes, that is, now I am, at this time, I am a person who catches up all the way and looks for dreams. Exhausted all the way to run, just to live a little better, a little better. When the night is quiet, a person lie down, or in the dream or the mind echoes the once ignorant teenager, just want to see the unknown world outside, but when it comes out, it is more and more secure by a living network until you Can not get rid of this bondage, looking at the quiet village that was born, I am at a loss. I wonder if I don��t want to be born, don��t think about it, stay in the tiny world at the bottom of my well, and still dream about the outside world. How good it is! One day Newport Cigarettes Online, until one day in Shanghai, I have a small The cause of the business is that the city I live in is actually at the bottom of the well Marlboro Red Cigarettes. One day, after reading a "Wandering Earth", I thought so more.
  4. The old house where the mother lived, I don��t know when it will be. It seems that as soon as I came to this world, it has been waiting for me in this world for many years. It has been 33 years since I fell to the ground. The old house has never changed Marlboro Lights 100S. The walls are still strong, the edges and corners are still distinct, and there are still traces of erosion such as moss. It looks like youth is still there, and the wind is long. The old house is not old, it gives all the time to the wind, frost, rain, snow, dew, scorpion, thunder, rainbow, the most common natural phenomenon in the hometown, is a close friend of the old house, often visits! Parents are old The most loyal servant of the house, who is not old enough to live in the old house, is a kind of detachment. The old house has parents waiting for him. The decades have not been vicissitudes, and the parents have old houses. The years of life can be burned and developed. When I was young, my brothers and sisters five plus my parents and grandparents, nine people lived in the old house, and never felt crowded. As time went by, a group of children gradually grew up and left home after the time was washed out. Grandparents also went to heaven because of their high age. There were only parents in the old house, but the old house was more crowded. It always puts everything in it with everyone involved, even if it's a fingernail-sized half-shell eggshell that we stuffed into the wall when we were young, it has never been left behind. On the mountainside, three or five minutes from the road, my brothers advised their parents to live in the city, but their parents would not leave. The brothers also built a new house on the road, but they still like the old house. It is still a few decades of farming, raising pigs and raising cattle, as if time has not flowed. When the days returned to my hometown, I saw that my mother had raised a group of pigs, four heads, each with more than two hundred pounds. To be honest, the mother in her 60s is not young anymore. She has to wait for such a group of pigs every day! When the mother feeds the pigs, I follow my mother to the trough. I heard that I can see the pig, Xiaobao is also excited to dance and say: "I can finally see the real pig!" Pig, one by one muddy water, the whole body can not find a clean place, pure mud pig! But they are strong and strong, fat and big ears, competing for food and energy. The group of pigs raised by the mother refreshed the adjectives "lazy", "stupid" and "stupid" commonly used in the description of pigs in bto the circle to make straw and platycodon, and they all ruined and became a powder. The dung in the circle turned over and turned Carton Of Newport Cigarettes, as if there were seeds in the dung, they often fell over and they could bloom. The stones in the corners were all worn away by them, highlighting the rounded and full nature of the stone. The most serious place is the circle of wood, which is smashed by them. It seems that they can work harder, they can be free! Stupid, really smash them. When you meet the food you like to eat, they will eat a sigh of light in a single breath. When they encounter something they don��t like, they will stick the dishes that they don��t like to the side, and when they finish eating it, they feel that they are still not full and slowly. Picking and eating, in the end, only those who are really hard to eat are in the basin. After eating, a group of pigs ran in the circle that chased me. In the circle, they don't immediately go to sleep, a group of guys still have to play in it, chasing after them, it is very lively! Until they are particularly sleepy, they each find a relatively clean place to lie down and do their own Their own dreams Newport 100S Carton. It turns out that between pigs and pigs Cheap Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, there is also their own fun Marlboro Menthol Cigarettes. Their lives are short-lived, and this is not as beautiful as the flowers, but they also have their meaning. The mother's hair has already been grayed out, and it is unfavorable to walk along the road, as if the mother is old overnight. : "Do you raise so many pigs?" But I have been raising pigs for decades. This is the first time I have heard her say that I am looking for it! Think about our generation when we were young, because we have to go every day. Pigs and pigs feel that pigs are a cumbersome, and they can't eat a piece of pork that they have fed for a year. At that time, people often said, "I haven't eaten pork. Haven't you seen pigs running yet?" But today's era has been rewritten. Many people "have only eaten pork, but have never seen pigs running!" So, pigs with the times Change, become the waiting of parents, our cumbersome, children's scenery! These pigs, in the mother's life, have already lived into a landscape! Mother has this different kind of scenery, as if the vicissitudes of life in the mother The life never stopped, and the mother became young again in a flash. Note: This article has been published on the WeChat public number "Falling Feathers" personal platform. Share it with the teachers here, I hope you like it!
  5. Some people compare the spring rain to the cow hair. In my opinion, it should be changed to "there are many gifts." Because the spring of Huining has been in the rain for many years, but the sentiment of the people is not less than the cow hairn a child is born for 1 month, there is a ��full moon ceremony��. When the child is 1 year old, there is a ��year-old ceremony.�� At the age of 6 or 12, there is a ��shaving ceremony��. When talking about marriage, there are "meetings", "booking weddings", and "kissing weddings". Not to mention the old man when he died, even to build a house, promote the official, join the army to give gifts. Nowadays Newport Coupons In Cartons, "warm" college students and "warm" cars are popular. And a person's reincarnation is consumed in this gift, especially ridiculous is the purchase of tractors, color TV, and even burdock, friends and relatives also want to give gifts Newport Cigarettes Sellers.as a lot of colleagues. No matter who has something, whether it is a big thing or a happy event, Dad always steps on the door of this house. Last year, Dad��s boss celebrated his long life. He had been thinking for three days and finally presented a bottle of Moutai and a big roast chicken. But at the same time, Dad saw that many colleagues mentioned high-end things. Before leaving, people were "in love". Dad was obsessed with face and got a 50 yuan feeling. When he returned home, he lamented that "itust 15 this year Carton Cigarettes For Sale Online, my grandmother was 60 years old. My dad bought a hot chicken in the morning and went to my grandmother's house with my mother. Grandma was happy with a rosy light on her face that day, and my mother was very busy. Six daughters and daughters Usa Newport Supplier, five of whom were carrying gifts from the top grade. The gift of Daxie is the sweater she brought from her daughter in Guangdong. The second is the thermal underwear bought in Lanzhou. The four sons bought melanin, gold and gold. What about my mother? The old rough man, usually not even a decent dress, took the roast chicken that Dad bought. I have sent a few red packets to my grandmother. I heard that the small bag is still more than 1,000 yuan! Hey! Grandma just said to my mother's face: "Look at you this poor and sour, then let you find a rich point of the master, now look ... oh! "Mom didn't make a sound, just licked the apron and went to the kitchen to cook with neighbors." At this moment, the most diligent little suits and suits came in from the outside, with gold earrings and gold necklaces in their hands. After seeing this, my grandmother happily picked up "Zhou Ren Hui Fu" and ran to the West Room and several of me picked up mahjong... The next day, my mother dragged her tired body and said to me: I willrother of the Dabo family was admitted to Dalian University last year. Before leaving, the folks came to give gifts. Dad and aunt are also jealous of banknotes. Three dads also bought him a short-selling mobile phone. Dad said happily at the time: "My family will be admitted to college next year, and they will be indispensable." I silently lowered my head and quietly walked out of the door, lying on the wheat grass just finished in the field, suddenly The phone will wake up the lost me, the original mobile phone to text messages. The information said: "Buddha: send you three gifts on weekends, a property insurance, to protect your wealth and enjoyment, a wealth of money; a life insurance, to protect your health, longevity; an accident insurance, Guarantee your financial success, and receive unexpected surprises. "Meng, human sentiment" a bond to maintain this society? Is it the amount of money that expresses the importance of human feelings? Is the nobleness of gifts showing the closeness of interpersonal relationships? The elders are angry because their children's birthdays are too few. The pinion, interpersonal relationships should be based on pure friendship and feelings, and should not be regarded as a vulgar concept of money supremacy. It should be changed from the wind to the customs Marboro Cigerettes For Sale, not to gifts, gifts, gifts, and gifts. Establish a new type of interpersonal relationship.
  6. Even if the eagle broke his wings, he still flew high; even if the cypresses broke the branches, they were still green. In the face of the ups and downs of life, I still have to stand in the loud voice of the rainbow: I want to live in full bloom.nscriptionife is a rose. If you pay attention to it and cultivate it correctly, she will bloom very beautifully Short Newport Cigarettes. If you ignore it and let it go its own way, she will fade quickly. Thus, life can be divided into two categories: one is the life of self-confidence and happiness; the second is the life of self-sufficiency. The most sensible of the two, the most worthy of possession is the former.e is the flower of spring, the fruit of autumn. Everyone should yearn for the pursuit of life. premise of longing for and pursuit is to have life. Every life is a miracle born of nature, but each weak life is likely to die because of some changes in the survival. In real life, it is indeed very weak and very ordinary, but in this ordinary weak and small, there is no lack of giant will. possession of life is when a new life sees the first rays of the world Low Price Cigarettes Free Shipping. Perhaps this life brings good news; perhaps...but that has life, then life has the power of joy, anger, and sorrow; then life has the right to live normally, and all life-giving should have the obligation to raise life. . Regardless of poverty and wealth, both pain and joy should allow life to survive.e grows in love or not, and in this process of growth, it is more important to pay attention to and cultivate life correctly Newport Cigarettes Reviews. Let life start from the ideal garden Marlboro Red 100'S Wholesale, go to the sea of ??knowledge, weave our dreams; let life bring the most beautiful notes in the world, and write a harmonious and wonderful life movement; let life fly to the high blue sky Cheap Newports C, and take the future with ambition Let life sail to the rough seas of the waves; unrestrained foreverake life flourish in life, life will become rational and mature. Life must accept correct and strict guidance. In life, don't let weak life touch things that shouldn't be and should not be touched, let life know what is beautiful; what is evil, don't let life refuse to do something that should and should be done because of timidity, let Life knows what is brave and what is cowardice. Don't let life live forever in dependence and happiness, let life learn to be independent and strong. Let life learn how to survive in a difficult situation, how to rationally reject something meaningless.s constantly growing, and life is also in the right teaching to interpret respect, honesty, courage, strength, independence, and rationality... until life is fully mature. The center of life is: You cannot despise life, and life is sacred and eternal. The ultimate fruit of life is: the meaning of life.e is alive in all kinds of worlds. Life is also being paid all the time, harvesting - life is sometimes heavier than Mount Tai, sometimes lighter than the feathers. Heavier than Taishan, everyone loves it, and everyone who is lighter than Hong Mao hates it. achievement of life lies in selfless support and persistent dedication. She is a flexible rose. If you pay attention to it and cultivate it correctly, she will have a distinctive color. So let us work together to write a life of anger.
  7. Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, the day of family reunion. Listening to Xiaoxuan said that on the evening of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the old and young in Taotao Town will gather together to burn the kiln Printable Carton Newport Cigarette, which is fun! I listened straight and decided to experience the fun of burning kiln in person.ing forward to the stars, looking forward to the moon, finally looking forward to the evening. With excitement, I came to an open space next to Xiaoyan's house. I saw that my brothers and sisters had already built two kiln babies, one was a kiln and the other was a pot kiln. The bottoms of the two kiln are surrounded by a few bricks, and there is a gap between the bricks and a kiln door. When the kiln is burned, the firewood is put in from the kiln door. The upper part of the kiln is piled into a spire with tiles, and there is also a gap between the tiles. The kiln is like a small and delicate pagoda. On the side of the kiln, there is a lot of firewood, which is used to burn. The upper part of the pot kiln does not have tiles, but a pot of oil, which is specially used for fried food. The table on the right side of the pot kiln is filled with hot dogs, ham, chicken wings and other foods to be fried.tarted to burn oil, my sister poured oil into the pot Marlboro Cigarettes With Gold Band, and my brother added firewood to the kiln. After a while, by the bright moonlight, I saw a small bubble popping out of the oil. "The oil is on! The oil is on!" I cried happily. My brother listened and quickly picked up the chopsticks and pinched the hot dog, ham and other food into the pot. Suddenly, a dozen small friends are all around the kiln, staring at the food in the pot, and the saliva will flow out! After a while, I didn't know who called out: "That hot dog seems to be cooked!" The atmosphere suddenly became active, and it was too loud to make a fuss: "Is it going to be burnt?" "Who will not grab me with me?" Chicken wings!" "How are you still not familiar?" Under the influence of this atmosphere, the fire seems to be a lot stronger. Soon, the smell of fragrant smell permeated the air. "Haha! Delicious food is going to go out! Look at the cats, serve!" The brother said with a chopstick to the delicious taste of the pot, and said funnyly. At this point, everyone is fully prepared to take chopsticks and stare at the food, waiting to launch an offensive. A plate with gourmet food is served on the table. A few pairs of chopsticks are like a sharp sword. I am not willing to show weakness. I take the chopsticks to the target-hot dog clip, and I will clip the spoils back at lightning speed. With a hot mouth, I can't wait to smother it in my mouth, and taste the taste of the crispy outside Marlboro 100S Cigarettes Carton. Everyone��s eating is really different: the slow-selling and careful tasting, the gorging and solving, the greedy scald mouth wow wow... Here, Grandpa is already burning the kiln. I rushed over and took a big fan to cool the kiln. The more flaming the kiln fire, the more red and the red, and the small faces around it will be red. The kiln fire seems to be a roaring fire dragon smashing out of the gaps in the tiles, and the little sparks are constantly jumping out of the kiln Buy Newports Cheap In The Usa, which is very interesting! The more the tiles burned, the more red, and I screamed with ecstasy: "The tiles are red! The tiles are red!" Suddenly, the friends immediately rushed from the pot kiln. At this moment, the tiles slammed down and the flames leaped out from the inside. "Europe! The kiln is collapsed!" "Europe! Come out and fly!" "Europe! �� everyone cheered andusehold, and the whole street looked like a fire dragon. In the moonlight, in front of the house, the reunion people are surrounded by kiln, some are tasting food, some are inviting to the moon, some are playing and playing, some are singing and dancing, some are pulling home, some On the phone, some of them simply took out the mat and laid it next to the kiln Order Marlboro 100S Gold Pack In Usa, ready to sleep with the moon... The whole street was immersed in the joy of the fire kiln!