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  1. went out today and yesterday got a shark each day and nothing else been waiting all year to hook one...
  2. Went out today and yesterday caught a shark each day.. sandbars I think. Haven't had luck like this in a long time..
  3. My uncle uses a jx on the surf and i have tried it out a few times. I have the sx mc and i love it but i cant get the same casting distance with the jx. i think it might be because of the taller spool. other than that it was a nice feeling reel
  4. Went out last night from 8 to midnight did hook up with a big smooth ray probably 5 foot from wing to wing. It wasnt a shark but at least it pulled for a little while.
  5. Fished pretty much the whole time from friday night until sunday morning. Had to go home and shower and sleep for a couple hours. Between two other guys and myself we caught 10 doggies from 2.5' to 4'. We also ended up with about 25 skate. Wasn't really the fish we were looking for but i was good to have some steady action. From the looks of things out there the stripers should be here anytime now.
  6. Heading out this weekend both days despite the wind predictions. I am determined to pull something out of the water and have made it a point to myself not to leave untill that happens. Ill be in green nissan frontier with a couple of buddies if anyone wants someone to fish by.
  7. Headed out today from 1pm to 4pm. Pretty windy the whole time had to use 10's to hold bottom. No action to report could have fished without any bait and had the same results. Hopefully they will be here soon.
  8. I'm thinking about testing my luck on the beach tomorrow. Should be a decent day after the rain, maybe a little windy. I'll hopefully post a pic of my first 09 rock tomorrow evening.
  9. What about a tarpon? I was talking to someone the other day and he said a buddy of his caught 2 tarpon back to back this summer. Anyone ever heard of it?
  10. Weren't circle hooks invented to decrease the chance of gut hooking a fish?
  11. The tournament was great staying outside on AI for three days was awesome. By far the best expierience i had on AI. Terry and Bev did a great job. Hopefully they reconsider.
  12. i almost had one at the tourney except i fell asleep and woke up missing a rod and spike. I caught the rod about 3 hours later almost spooled and the bail bent. That pretty much sucked because the guy next to me caught the 50.5 inch drum. as Terry so eliquently put it "you snooze you loose"
  13. I was wondering if someone could use a net like you would on a bay boat to get the fish out of the surf? Its gonna suck trying to hold my rod and land the fish or waste valuable time putting the rod in the spike. I saying all of this like im actually gonnna land a fish but it would be good to know