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  1. Will do. I am very impressed with the CPS products and customer service so far. Come on spring!!!
  2. Thanks guys. I've got 2 CPS 11' 2-5oz on the way. Thinkin they should be just about right. Should look pretty good with 6500 chrome rockets on em too.
  3. Thanks Dave. I've switched all of my go to heavers over to conventional. Upgrading bait rods now & wanted to see if there was a downside that I wasn't seeing in going conventional with them too.
  4. Ok, this section seems a little stagnant & I could use some input. So, for my first legitimate post on this forum, what do you guys prefer for in close bait rods(spot, croaker, kingfish, etc.), spinning or conventional & why?
  5. Hey Steve!
  6. Thanks Dave. From looking through past posts, seems like a good group on here. I hope to read (and hopefully post) some good reports come spring!
  7. Thanks Sam. I think the site showed up on a random rod blank search.
  8. I really didn't know this forum existed, but mid winter can make a fisherman go electronic. I recognize the names of several seasoned Assateague inhabitants on here, so I figure I'm in good company!