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  1. i haven't tried this yet but my wife suggest a plastic sled possibly the circular kind, just might be the ticket. Dan
  2. this site is awsome, i actually just found this from oyster bay's website. i have just recently bought a small bayliner and plan on going off shore. my wife and i have been coming down to ai surf fishing and moving around from inlet to rt 50 bridge to surf. i lived corpse christy texas and down there they fly out a remote airplane to shark fish, i have been pondering a remote boat to get my line out there, i feel like such an idiot for not thinkin of a kayak. this is great, i plan on seeing you all for july's big fish. thanks again for making a great site and i look forward to donating.... the reason i replied to the skates page is because i think they are really becoming a problem even up tide waters such as chop tank, that used to be convent to crab but not any more because of skates... thanks again dan