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  1. Went out today and even with crazy wind managed a couple keeper blues and kings.
  2. Finally went out last week and the kingfish are biting.
  3. Got the itch,weather needs to break and lines need to be in the water.
  4. After 2 days of fishing oc managed 1 keeper blue and about 30 smalls, black drum, King, and a few sharks.
  5. Fishing ocean city this weekend and getting alot of action. So far 12 blues,1spot,2 ray and a shark. All smalls so far.
  6. Went out Saturday and caught small blue and a couple small flounder.
  7. Good luck Dave!! Ocean city tournament in 2 weeks can't wait!
  8. Haven't had a chance to make it out because work has kept me busy. Hopefully be out next week! New rod and reel that need to see action!!!!
  9. Glad to have you!
  10. Managed 2 skates tonight. I guess something is better than nothing
  11. Went out today for a few hours and nothing going on. Had a few bites but nothing hooked. Going out again tomorrow for some night fishing. Hoping for some better luck.
  12. Awesome Dave, can't wait to hit the sand and catch some.