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  1. Thanks Coop, I think I'll give it a try.
  2. Do you all think the storm out at sea will help, hurt, or do nothing for the fishing on the beach.
  3. Fished A.I. from Saturday about 7am- Sunday 3am. with Miss Beer and Baby Beer. Weather was nice, some rain lots of bugs at night. Caught 4 Blues from 10" to 18" all were caught on Mullet rigs on the in coming tide late in the afternoon and the 18" was caught at night. I can't wait until the Plovers are finished doing what ever Plovers do for this long. It was a little cramped the guy next to me ( I mean right next to me ) caught my lines and the lines of his other neighbor
  4. I have a Cobra explorer and been thinking of trading it in for a smaller one to run bait out from the beach anyone have any ideas on what I can do.
  5. From sat. morn. to sun. afternoon. 1 Flounder 19 3/4'' 4 Blue fish from 10-25''
  6. Hope to see you all there I'll be there in the FJ with the pig.
  7. Going to try my luck this wknd, anyone else going ?
  8. Hey Dave, I think I fished with you a few mo. back w/ Jim and Amanda, I had the yellow lab named Pig. My question is are you yaking baits out now a days or you just kinda lobing the bait in with a cast.