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  1. I Hit the beach in front of 5th Street Friday night and Saturday afternoon. It was rough but better than casting on the football field at home. 12's did not hold Friday and barely held Saturday. Grass / weeds were in full force which did not help. Lost bait 3 times, other than that nothing. Hoping to get down again soon. Good luck to you guys on the Md Stripper team. Yes I said Stripper.
  2. Happy Birthday Sammy !
  3. I could go for some pullage right now.... A skate would do. A Striper or Drum would be better, but I would be good with a skate or doggyfish at this point. COME ON SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Why would they put a limit on the number of rods we fish with?
  5. Is anybody going to the AMSA Meeting in Mid January? Pondering a trip down for it and maybe getting on the beach for a couple of hours just to feel the salt air. Any body game?
  6. Maybe an Isopod Sharkhunter? Or maybe you were the first to catch that species and it could have been called a Dave's Crab?
  7. It is with great regret that I have to pull the plug on my entry into the Red Drum Tourney this season. I inherited a teener age fall baseball team, and we play every Saturday. My apologies to Bev , who does a great job organizing these events. Best of Luck to all of you and I hope to get out and fish with you before winter. Bill Gross "Grossy"
  8. Does anyone know what the status is at this point? Not sure I can get there, if we are on the bubble it will help me get it done. If it is OK or way under 30, it also helps me. Please let me know or put post on here . Thanks, Grossy
  9. My vote goes to Dave. For Sure. Not only for his catches,but his un wavering commitment to sportsmanship and encouragement to the surf fishing community on Assateaque Island. Keep up the good work!
  10. Did that one hit hard or nibble like the one Friday Night? Nice catch!
  11. Where did you get that 3 piece rod?
  12. Nice catch Rich! Hope to get out to fish with you soon, Keep it up!
  13. Ritter that is one nice blue. Hope to get down with you and Rich soon. Nice!
  14. Way to go Shark Hunter! It's funny how the sunburn does not sting as much when you are catching fish....
  15. Nice Fish!
  16. Great Stuff Shark Hunter! Keep the reports coming.
  17. Fished AI Saturday. Beautiful day no question. 1 nice skate. Caught enough sand fleas to use for bait. Nothing else. Had the Fleas, Bunker, Clam, and blood-worms all working. I was hoping for a black drum. Ugh.
  18. When I need help on the fishing front - this is my spot. Last week was an incredible week, co-winning the coveted Angler of the Month from you folks. And, I found out I earned a trip to the CAYMAN ISLANDS in March through Mack Trucks, for being a good "Bulldog" in 2012. Not nearly as exciting as the Angler of the Month trophy, but almost. So - do any of you in my extended fishing family have any guide connections in the Cayman Islands? I already got a half day deep sea trip with my winnings, but I have a day to use other wise and I already told HQ I am Flats Fishing for part of it. I need a guide. Before I go out and research it online, I thought I would check here first. Please advise if any of you know somebody down there who is reliable and fair. Thanks, Bill Gross aka Grossy
  19. Our trip to the Caymans was nothing short of incredible. I got to put in 2 (1/2) day trips. The first day was supposed to be deep sea, but ended up staying inside of the barrier reef for some bottom fishing. Not much was landed that day by any of the 5 of us that were fishing that trip. Bottom fishing there is tricky - the line and rig are actually about 25 yards behind the boat and the strikes are quick and not real powerful. I missed some chances but did hook up on something with weight, but it fell pray to a lurking barracuda that took the fish and sliced my line like it was thread. It was fun while it lasted, but it was mere seconds. The second trip was a half day flats excursion for Bonefish with Capt. Ronald Ebanks - a native Camaynian and second generation flats expert guide. Let me say, flats fishing for bonefish was a lot harder than it looks on Spanish Fly. They have huge eyes that pick up everything near them in and out of the water. The water is so clear you need to land the offering about 5 yards in front of them and let them find it, while we were a good 25 yards away. I managed 3 hook ups, all of them produced multiple drag taking runs before I got them to the boat. I landed 2 of the 3, with the first one spitting the hook right at the boat. He seemingly gave me a wink and a fin wave before he disappeared. Good stuff. The 3rd fish was the biggest - 20 inches and about 7 pounds and a 4 run fight. The whole experience was fantastic. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to do this and grateful for it. I hope everyone has an opportunity sometime in their life to be able to visit that incredible place. [ATTACH=CONFIG]11443[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]11445[/ATTACH]
  20. Grease Monkey, In my humble opinion the North OC beaches are just easier logistically. If you got to the walkover at 139th st it is a relatively short walk out to get set up. There are usually people out, but not as many and they never bothered me. I had one of my better days on the surf right there a few years ago. But one thing is for sure, as long as you are fishing anywhere, you can't lose. Good luck and see you on the beach.
  21. Thanks Sammy. If you don't mind I will post a report when we get back.
  22. Thanks Sharkhunter!
  23. Headed all the way down to the fence on Sunday. It was a Fantastic day for Mid January, near 56 degree's all afternoon and sunny. Had my family with including the Dog's first trip to the beach and they all enjoyed it thoroughly. As for the casting/fishing, got some frozen bunker and mullet from Alltackle. Got some good casts with the Power Pro Hollow Acefinger trap splices, and managed a little pullage from 3 hungry Dogfish. All 3 were in the 25" range. The third one actually put up the best fight and took some drag when he was in the top of the wave. All 3 hit the Mullet, nothing touched the Bunker. Good day all the way around, it was worth the effort to get there for sure. I hope to get there again soon.
  24. Has any one found fresh bait this week? With the moderate temps this weekend thinking of a quick trip to get the itch scratched a little. Anyone?
  25. Did you find any this weekend? I know you had to have gone. Atleast, I would hope that you would have gone considering your proximity to the surf!