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  1. I Hit the beach in front of 5th Street Friday night and Saturday afternoon. It was rough but better than casting on the football field at home. 12's did not hold Friday and barely held Saturday. Grass / weeds were in full force which did not help. Lost bait 3 times, other than that nothing. Hoping to get down again soon. Good luck to you guys on the Md Stripper team. Yes I said Stripper.
  2. Happy Birthday Sammy !
  3. I could go for some pullage right now.... A skate would do. A Striper or Drum would be better, but I would be good with a skate or doggyfish at this point. COME ON SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Why would they put a limit on the number of rods we fish with?
  5. Is anybody going to the AMSA Meeting in Mid January? Pondering a trip down for it and maybe getting on the beach for a couple of hours just to feel the salt air. Any body game?
  6. Maybe an Isopod Sharkhunter? Or maybe you were the first to catch that species and it could have been called a Dave's Crab?
  7. It is with great regret that I have to pull the plug on my entry into the Red Drum Tourney this season. I inherited a teener age fall baseball team, and we play every Saturday. My apologies to Bev , who does a great job organizing these events. Best of Luck to all of you and I hope to get out and fish with you before winter. Bill Gross "Grossy"
  8. Does anyone know what the status is at this point? Not sure I can get there, if we are on the bubble it will help me get it done. If it is OK or way under 30, it also helps me. Please let me know or put post on here . Thanks, Grossy
  9. My vote goes to Dave. For Sure. Not only for his catches,but his un wavering commitment to sportsmanship and encouragement to the surf fishing community on Assateaque Island. Keep up the good work!
  10. Did that one hit hard or nibble like the one Friday Night? Nice catch!
  11. Where did you get that 3 piece rod?
  12. Nice catch Rich! Hope to get out to fish with you soon, Keep it up!
  13. Ritter that is one nice blue. Hope to get down with you and Rich soon. Nice!
  14. Way to go Shark Hunter! It's funny how the sunburn does not sting as much when you are catching fish....
  15. Nice Fish!