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  1. I havent really had any downsides
  2. All I use is conventional gear, just a matter of preference. I use a st. Croix MOJO 10ft 6 rated 3/4 to 4 for my bait rod. Long enough to cast out far if needed to find fish but also sensitive. It also has enough backbone if a bigger fish decides to grab my fishbites lol. Landed a 40" rock last spring on a small striper of fishbites on a high lo rig with little size 2 hooks lol.
  3. Well it's winter lol, hasn't been to bad and spring is right around the corner, it's time to start cleaning up the gear and getting things in order. I've heard tog fishing hasn't been to bad but not much else to report. Please post your reports here fish or no fish we want to hear about it. It won't be long till were out again full time :-)
  4. Hey pierman, glad to see ya back. Yea I got into it 4 or 5 years ago. Definitely tedious but then you can fish it with pride. Besides it helps big time to know how to fix them yourself
  5. My thoughts are with you and yours bev, definitely miss you guys
  6. Spring can't come soon enough bro
  7. Update to my current rebuild
  8. Hey Freddie, glad you can join us, this site has been around a while just had some down time for a bit. Welcome aboard buddy
  9. All tackle in west oc has tire deflators
  10. Bucks place or possibly all tackle. Bucks is closed till Feb but all tackle has a website
  11. No where near done, that was about 1/4 way complete.
  12. Current project on a Rs1509 build
  13. Hey everyone, figured it was time to start a new thread or at least continue one from a few years back. Post any questions, tips, tricks, pictures pertaining to rod building. Let's see what art yall create.