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  1. Awesome job thanks for the post
  2. Thanks Freddie, after 3 biteoffs I switched rigs and low and behold Shark are here. I usually don't get my first sizeable shark until the second week of june
  3. It's been a hard spring run with few fish but they are around. Out tonight trying for striper and landed a 6 ft sandtiger it seems everything is running 3 weeks early this year.
  4. Freddie, I won't plug endlessly without a sign what I'm targeting is nearby, I caught a 25" on flea so I knew striper were around I chose a popper and tosses around the same area for a few hours until it hit. If I don't see signs of life I don't bother plugging, but honestly I've been trying to get a big striper on plugs from the surf here for years, the inlet and bays no problem but it took 4 years of trying before I got one there.
  5. Out today and finally got my first big striper on a plug from the surf. 43" on a 3 ounce popper. Caught a 25" striper and a 38" on fleas.
  6. Well April ended on a good note, black drum have shown up, chopper blues definitely made their presence known and during the last week of April the striper have started showing in the surf. Now is the time to get out and fish. Post your reports here fish or no fish, we still want to here em. Be safe and have fun hope to see yall out there.
  7. Don't feel bad I only had 4 skate Friday, fished from 9 am till 8 pm. The blues are in the bay everywhere. I do know of a few short black drum and striper out front by a few fellows
  8. I won't be doing nights until mid may. It was good seeing ya Freddie. Btw, the osv at assateague closed at 8 pm tonight. Ranger Said washover but I noticed vehicle tracks in the dunes. As if kids went joy riding. Ugh can't win
  9. Thanks Sam. Slow day but it paid off, 39" striper caught on fleas out front. They are here.
  10. Glad to be a part of that experience Sam, great times with many more to come