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  1. My days off consisted of a 3 day noreaster which only got me four 7 ft sandtigers. Not what I wanted lol. 35 mph northeast winds made for brutal fishing
  2. Hey better than nothing good job bro. Sorry about not posting this month's reports kinda been busy. Anyway was out last night managed to get a 50" red
  3. Thanks Sam, let's just say the reds have shown up, get out over the next week or so and chances are at there best you'll hook up. Let's see those pics
  4. They are starting to show up just not in any big numbers yet. I've been out trying and will be in the red drum tournament starting Thursday 😁
  5. September is upon us and most of us know it's the beginning of the fall season of fishing. In my opinion the best time of year to surf fish our local waters. Red drum should be arriving soon, shark starting to leave, mullet should soon be on the move bringing in lots of fish to the surf, flounder starting to move offshore. But with September fishing comes the peak of Hurricane season. Makes things difficult to get out at times. For those interested, the 16th annual Red Drum Tournament is coming up around the 20th. 18 or so people entered so far, if you need more info look up keepers of the beach website, http://www.keepersofthebeach.com, for additional info. Cut off date to enter is the September 8th and last day entry is usually permitted at the AMSA building next to Eagles Nest Golf course off Rt. 611. Post your reports let us know how you do. I'll be in the tournament hope to see you all out there.
  6. I should be out Wednesday thru Friday if your around. I haven't been out much myself due to work
  7. Thanks, if you have any questions feel free to ask may not be super active on here but anything you ask will ger answered. Pass the site on to your friends.
  8. Well normal summer fishing in full swing, kings are hit or miss, flounder in the surf at at the 50 bridge, rays and shark at dawn and duskies. Post your reports here and just be safe and have fun. On a side note it driving on the osv on assateague please be curtious to others by airing down your tires, it causes the wash board affect in the sand and kills your vehicle transmission if you don't. Normal air down pressures are 15 to 20 psi.
  9. This week was good for shark and rays but bait fish from the assateague surf once again proved poor. Managed to take a guide out Wednesday Thursday and Friday and caught a total of 15 shark mostly small to medium sandbars but did have a few healthy fat sandtigers. Biggest was last night measuring in at 9 ft and dang close to 300 pounds. Took 3 guys to move her.
  10. Awesome report captain thank you
  11. Welp normal summer fishing is at hand, lots of big shark, had a good run of blacktips, spinners and sandtigers in June, a few sandbars but no duskies? Bait fish are hard to come by as of late. Happy 4th everyone stay safe and post your reports.
  12. Founder are sporadic need the east winds to clean the water, tons of spot being caught at the piers, not much bait in the surf shark and rays are to thick. I went 6 for 8 Wednesday night on shark and tonight was 5 for 7. Lots of big toothie critters around