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  1. This week was good for shark and rays but bait fish from the assateague surf once again proved poor. Managed to take a guide out Wednesday Thursday and Friday and caught a total of 15 shark mostly small to medium sandbars but did have a few healthy fat sandtigers. Biggest was last night measuring in at 9 ft and dang close to 300 pounds. Took 3 guys to move her.
  2. Awesome report captain thank you
  3. Welp normal summer fishing is at hand, lots of big shark, had a good run of blacktips, spinners and sandtigers in June, a few sandbars but no duskies? Bait fish are hard to come by as of late. Happy 4th everyone stay safe and post your reports.
  4. Founder are sporadic need the east winds to clean the water, tons of spot being caught at the piers, not much bait in the surf shark and rays are to thick. I went 6 for 8 Wednesday night on shark and tonight was 5 for 7. Lots of big toothie critters around
  5. Sorry to hear Freddie I know how it feels. Get better soon bro. Lots of blacktips in the surf, big sandtigers and butterfly rays.
  6. Lots of blacktips and spinner shark in the surf, odd year for sure. The blacktip and spinners have been in good numbers for 2 weeks now highly unusual this early in the year. Landed and tagged a nice 76" spinner tonight. Definitely gave me a run for my money.
  7. I use 16/0 mustad circles, cheap and work well. For pulling them I just cut the wire and take them out backwards if they don't easily come out normally. I don't flatten the barb and I use standard pliers but heavy duty dehookers work well. Mind you 90 percent of my catches are casted out.
  8. Ok so as most of you know I run a guide business taking people fishing off the beach. Just this week I had a trip with 2 guys that have never surf fished and wanted to catch shark. The trip started as they always do, I met with my clients we got out and setup, I got them equipped and lines in the water all was well most of the evening. About 3 am the wind died off and mosquitos came out. I applied bug spray and told them they should too. The one guy did but the other guy who was from South Africa felt he didn't need to. Around 4 am that same guy started saying he was really itchy and he couldn't open his eyes. I turned my head lamp onto him and to my surprise his eyes were completely swollen shut, his upper lip swollen 3 times its normal size and he looked like George foreman was beating on him for hours. At that instant I told him we were leaving. I had the other guy keep him talking and checking to make sure he was ok while I packed as fast as I could. I got him into the truck and hauled off the beach, got them to their car and had the one guy drive it behind me to the er. I kept him calm and talking the whole way so he wouldn't panic. We got to the er and he was seen immediately. He was given meds and slept for 3 hours while being monitored. He was released a little worse for wear but ok. His buddy took him home and thankfully everything ended well. My point of this story is always be prepared if I hadn't known where the nearest hospital was and had a plan in place for an emergency things could have gotten bad quickly. It turns out he had a severe allergy to mosquitos. He thought because in Africa they are bad he could manage them here. He never been attacked since badly so quickly. Always be prepared and have a plan in place. Before and after pics.
  9. So I went out the last 2 nights, first night was sandtigers all night of all sizes. Last night was slow but did catch a sandtiger previously tagged. Had one good hard takedown, picked up the rod, tightened the drag and all heck broke loose. Whatever took my chunk of fish started thrashing and head shaking then ran for spain. Not a lightning fast run but there was no stopping it. First time I've gotten spooled in a long time. If it was a shark it was huge, I can turn 8 ft sharks without an issue and this beast wasn't having it.
  10. Unfortunately may wasn't the best for striped bass but for those whom tried and put their time in a few were rewarded. I managed 6 striper this spring way lower than what I normally get but I believe they passed by early. Anyway into the summer time critters, sand tigers are thick right now, sandbars are showing up, some big blues still around, flounder are arriving and kingfish are here. If you head out post your reports wed love to hear about your trip.
  11. Awesome job thanks for the post
  12. Thanks Freddie, after 3 biteoffs I switched rigs and low and behold Shark are here. I usually don't get my first sizeable shark until the second week of june
  13. It's been a hard spring run with few fish but they are around. Out tonight trying for striper and landed a 6 ft sandtiger it seems everything is running 3 weeks early this year.
  14. Freddie, I won't plug endlessly without a sign what I'm targeting is nearby, I caught a 25" on flea so I knew striper were around I chose a popper and tosses around the same area for a few hours until it hit. If I don't see signs of life I don't bother plugging, but honestly I've been trying to get a big striper on plugs from the surf here for years, the inlet and bays no problem but it took 4 years of trying before I got one there.