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  1. Bucks place or possibly all tackle. Bucks is closed till Feb but all tackle has a website
  2. No where near done, that was about 1/4 way complete.
  3. Current project on a Rs1509 build
  4. Hey everyone, figured it was time to start a new thread or at least continue one from a few years back. Post any questions, tips, tricks, pictures pertaining to rod building. Let's see what art yall create.
  5. Thanks Steve, I am really appreciative of the offer :-) . Sorry haven't been on much as of late, came down with pneumonia and a rare winter storm for here had settled in. Doing better now. I'm not to concerned with the right tying as of yet because they don't take me long to do. Just really hate stripping rods down to rebuild. So tedious lol.
  6. Love how they never give a lot of notice
  7. I'm just starting, I have to tear down 2 of my rs1509s needs new guides. I myself am partial to chord wrapped handles. It'll be some time before I get to tying rigs.
  8. Happy new years everyone we are in the midst of our winter lull. Weather has been mild so far, here's to it staying as such so the spring run will be good. Anyway not a lot to report, hearing of some short striper still around but not in any numbers. If you decide to give it a shot we would love to hear about it. For me it's rod repair season and gear clean up. On the plus side the days are slowly getting longer and only half dozen weeks or so till it's time to get out again.
  9. That about covers it, nice write up sam. one thing I highly recommend for the surf is a good cell phone that gets reception. it'll save you in a heart beat if you have an emergency. plus if you have a data plan you'll be on top of the weather which out there is crucial, it can change in minutes.
  10. i cant wait steve, if this spring is anything like last spring ill be super excited.
  11. hence why i all but give up fishing in the winter
  12. nice post sam, it would be nice for the striper to show up
  13. well as per usual it would seem the striped bass avoided our coasts again this fall, still time to try and get one if your willing to brave the cold. as for me not so much i dont do the cold well lol. anyway post your reports fish or no fish.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving everyone may your day be relaxing and food filled. Be safe if going out.
  15. Haven't heard from him in a while