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  1. Glad to be a part of that experience Sam, great times with many more to come
  2. We must've just missed you coop, day 3 for us was just as good. Samuel got his first black drum in the mid 20's on his own. He also got a short striper. He's becoming a great Angler and has one of the best teachers as a dad. I managed 2 black drum in the mid to high 20's with the biggest at 29" Sam had a black drum same size range and brandon got a blackie and short striper. So this week has been one to remember for Sam and i.
  3. Another fun day with sam and son. Sam managed a nice black drum and a few big chopper blues, I had a little striper, 8 chopper blues and wicked sunburn but we'll worth it. Yesterday was insane when we encountered the blue blitz easily over 30 chopper blues over 30 inches.
  4. Lots of little Rock in the surf this past week, black drum have shown up and just this eve the big chomper blues made there showing, lost one in the wash and landed one at 36" the one I lost felt heavier than the 36.
  5. Freddie, biggest was 32" average in mid 20's. Yesterday short striper all day long at times only able to fish one rod. Between myself and 3 friends we landed over 40 striper. Never seen the little guys so thick. No size to them tho with the biggest being 20" and an average of 15"
  6. Lots of short striped bass in the surf the last 2 days with just as many black drum. Spring has finally shown up.
  7. Well it's April and that means it's time to hit the surf, not much news yet on black drum but short striper have shown up in the inlet and assawoman Bay as well as of the piers in oc. Won't be long till the big girls show. Post your reports here wed love to hear them.
  8. Nice post thanks for the info
  9. Ok so only got out one day this week with only a few short rock. Did see a 40" rock caught in the bay.
  10. I hope to get out this week sometime, I'll keep everyone posted.
  11. First trip out this year, caught 14 striper in 3 hours. All between 18 to 27 inches. Felt good to wet a line
  12. Well it's March and it's been a mild winter, won't be long now. Time to start the spring cleaning and getting out. White perch should start showing up and Lil striped bass anytime and as the month nears it's end the black drum should arrive off the coast. Post your reports here fish or no fish share your trip with us.
  13. I havent really had any downsides
  14. All I use is conventional gear, just a matter of preference. I use a st. Croix MOJO 10ft 6 rated 3/4 to 4 for my bait rod. Long enough to cast out far if needed to find fish but also sensitive. It also has enough backbone if a bigger fish decides to grab my fishbites lol. Landed a 40" rock last spring on a small striper of fishbites on a high lo rig with little size 2 hooks lol.