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  1. NASA - NASA Rocket Launches Scheduled July 5 ? 23 Here's the schedule for 7/5 thru around 7/23
  2. Yep, Minotaur rocket launch-was delayed from around 2100 to just after 2300. It was visible from NC to New York. The "explosions" were the stages/boosters separating. Way cool to see wasn't it? There's another launch from down there supposed to occur on the 5th.
  3. Folks, here's what the expert wrote to me... There are many surf casters which are quite short and would be mostly used as a pier rod or boat rod to fish at the bottom for flat fish or just off the bottom for cruising fish. What you have is definitely a rod that would have been used to target blue fish, stripers and other roaming salt water fish. Basically if you were to purchase something similar in a rod this size the cost would be substantial and realistically would fish no better save for the wooden handle which may become slippery when wet and due to the weight heavy after a long day. I looked at the guides in your photos and they appear to have suffered from having been put away wet and have some salt spray and green growth. If you are a salt water fisherman the rod does not have a large value as a collectible since I would expect it to be in the $25-50 range, however if you were to replace the guides and wraps with more modern ones it may become a favorite fishing companion, I do hope this has been of some use to you. The rod is also pre Korean War and post WWII as it is the earlier method of making a glass rod, post Korean War would have used a scrim coat as is still used today giving the rod better protection and allowing the color to be other than the brown yours has, a good coat of bowling wax will help it and a good wash with fresh water after each outing will as well, warm regards…..
  4. Had 7 of them on Friday, 6 going out, 1 coming back in. Had a triple-header going at one point...waaay cool! Sea bass were cooperative, but not overly so, providing a steady pick. High man had 15 or so but some nice ones did come over the rail...nice codfish, too. The waves put a whuppin' on us, and about 1/3rd of the folks never made it out of the salon...you know what they were doing
  5. General, I gained some insight into the H&I products for sure, even though the model # of my rod wasn't specifically mentioned. Anyone need a wall-hanger?
  6. You're welcome Jim.
  7. Here's some pix...if you want to see something in particular I didn't show here, let me know and I'll take some more shots.
  8. Hey Jim, no problem-I'll try to post up some today. Thanks.
  9. General, thanks-I'll give it a look.
  10. Guys, this was attached to a Mitchell 306 I wanted at a yard sale, so now I own it. Googling around produced almost no info on H&I rods that aren't fly fishing rods, so I'm wondering if you surf fishing veterans know anything about them, and if they were a quality item back in the day or just run-of-the-mill stuff. It's a brown, 9'6" fiberglass, one-piece rod, in better than very good condition...the wood handle, especially, is in great shape. I'm thinking it would be a good wall-hanger if nothing else. Thanks for any info you guys have. Steve
  11. Never been on it or talked to anyone who has. Isn't that the 2 hr. trip boat? If fishing is slow when you go, you guys won't have a real good chance to do anything much with such a short time frame.
  12. Eastern Region-Hillsboro 410-758-2874 Eastern Region-Salisbury 410-548-7071 Central Region 410-356-7060 Southern Reg.-City Dock Office 410-974-5640 Southern Reg.-Waldorf Office 301-645-0062 Western Region 301-777-7771
  13. 24 HR Communications And Dispatch Department of Natural Resources Maryland Natural Resources Police Tawes State Office Building E3 580 Taylor Avenue Annapolis, MD 21401-2397 410-260-8888
  14. I keep DNR on speed dial. I think the moral of this story is that we need to call in when we see this kind of stuff. DNR has a lot less on their plate now that the summer is behind us, and they are willing and available to investigate. We collectively have a lot of eyes out there and can help put a dent in this problem if we keep chipping away at it. Tog are going to take a helluva beating now that most everything else is off-limits.
  15. I was at the west <acronym title="Ocean City">OC</acronym> ramp on Sunday and talked to a guy who said he had notified DNR after seeing people on top of the south jetty keeping undersized fish. A little while later, here comes the boat with the suspects, about 10 of them. DNR jumps out on them at the ramp and a DNR boat pulls in behind them. After checking things over, out comes the citation books. Next thing you know, DNR takes most of them and the boat away, presumably to the DNR office. A couple of their cohorts had driven into the lot just before the poachers arrived-I'm guessing they were there perhaps to quickly spirit away the fish while the rest of them pulled and secured the boat. Not this time, boys... Great job, DNR!