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  1. Dave, congrats on the catches and the show! Any idea if they're still around? I'll be down this weekend, black taco access cab. Feel free to stop by.
  2. Hi all- Wondering if anyone has experience offshore yakking out of AI aside from running shark lines? Spent some time about a half mile out on a calm day but curious if currents become dangerous any further out. Thanks!
  3. Fished the OSV for about 4 hrs Saturday afternoon- 4 blues and a whiting. Hard to detect the smaller hits with the surf up so we mostly fed the fish. Would have stayed longer but ran out of bait, and refilling via castnet bayside is a circus with so many tourists. Got a good haul of mullet on the way in stopping at the second bayside lot before the OSV, but you'd think folks had never seen a fish before the way they flock to any sign of life that comes out of the water. Anyone ever try fishing/netting on the OSV bayside? I have yet to make it down that far to the access points. On a side note, thank you Dave and folks for sharing your vast knowledge of the shore. I figure its about time I quit freeloading off everyone's reports...