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  1. I do use Hi Seas line on a few if my rods, however I mostly use Cajun line, off shore angler, and spiderwire but that's about it. It's a good brand of line but I don't know what's wrong with your line, like the guy above me said, probley it just a bad spool
  2. This is a might be to late to post but the info is below 7th annual Colonial Beach Vol. Fire Dept. Spring Rockfish Tournament April 20, 2013 $5,500 in cash prizes For questions or to per-register call (804) 224-7255 or CBVFD Two weigh in locations Colonial Beach Yacht center & Lewisetta marina
  3. I have a lot of freshwater rubber YUM baits I never use. I know I can catch some stripers in lakes but I want to would it work for the saltwater rockfish and how to rig it or am I just out of luck. The four baits I'm willing to use are the following: YUM money craw black neon 2.75" YUM money craw orange/red 2.75" YUM tube pumpkin pepper/green 4" YUM dinger watermelon candy 5" Will this work, thanks
  4. Thanks I just called the local bait shop and they just got a shipment of bloodworms in.
  5. I'm going fishing down in Northumberland county, Va. and I'm fishing on the Potomac and Coan rivers on some piers. I need some good striped bass baits. Can anyone help me out ? Thanks