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  1. Some friends and I are going sharking on the 22 and have spot open. We are going on the FISH-BONZ out of OC Fishing center. If interested pm me and I can fill ya in on the details.
  2. I love hockey. Used to go to Skipjacks games when I was little. Buy tickets for hockey and watch boxing. Two sports for the price of one.
  3. I run BFG All Terrains on my Ram. Have you guys had any problems with your trucks caused by the sand?
  4. I take my truck out in the mud and have no problems with leaving the hard road. But I would like to get into surf fishing in Delaware or Assategue. my question is does the sand cause damage to the trucks. Any pointers on driving in the sand? I understand it is easy to get hung up. thanks for any tips.
  5. I will be in Ocean City the first week of August and was wondering if it would be worth trying for sharks from the beach then. Any tips or info would be greatly appreciated. This site is great I am glad I found it.