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  1. I've been thinking of hitting AI beach again but I've been watching the reports waiting to see that the stripers are here before heading down there. Haven't seen any reports of any caught yet. Does anyone know (from past years) when they usually start to show up in the surf? I thought sometime in November. Thanks in advance for any advice. Capt. Gerry
  2. Thanks for your reply, I've never heard of "Nitto", I'll have to look into that. And I appreciate the tip on Manual 2nd gear. I got stuck last Saturday but when I arrived I had to park in the soft stuff as the tide was high so when I went to take off I just dug right in. I thought afterward that maybe I should have switched to 4 wheel low but maybe manual would have worked also. My current tires have only about 1/4 inch of tread left on them so maybe I should have just stayed off the beach until I replaced them.
  3. Thanks for your reply. You got 80k miles out of those tires, that's amazing.
  4. Hey everyone, I have a 2011 Ford F250 Superduty supercab with 8ft bed. Pretty heavy truck. I'm in need of new tires and I'm looking for suggestions for new tires from you more experienced OSV drivers. The tires on the truck are the original from the factory and they are "General Grabber HTS" LT245/75/R17 (121/118) 80 PSI. I plan on driving on the beach maybe 5-10 times per year (maybe more when I move to the outer banks next year so I also need a tire that is just as good for driving the road. I've gotten stuck twice already on the beach and don't know if a larger wider tire would be better or maybe its just the fact that my treads are almost gone and I'm still new to driving on the sand but any suggestions on new tires for my truck are much appreciated. Please email me if you like or respond to this post. Capt. Gerry McDonald "To Dive For" SCUBA Charters
  5. I haven't been on here in a while so just wanted to post a quick report. The wife and I went flounder fishing 2 Saturday's ago near Accomac Va (Metompkin inlet) and caught about 16 flounder but had only 3 keepers. Would have liked to had a few more in the cooler but it was a blast cranking them in anyway. So we tried it again this Saturday in Chincoteague but I couldn't find any clean water anywhere and it was blowing a little too much so the fishing.... sucked! Only got one 9" flounder and 2 jellyfish. But a bad day of fishing beats everything else.
  6. Brian, I enjoyed reading about and seeing the pictures of your oyster reefs you posted. I used to volunteer with the oyster recovery partnership in the MD portion of the bay diving on the oyster reefs for them and did several tours at the Horn point hatchery in Cambridge, MD. In case you are interested you may be able to get spat from the hatchery for your oyster bars. The Virginia Institute of Marine Science also has a oyster hatchery in Gloucester Point Va. For anyone else out there you can tour these hatcheries and I found it very interesting and informative to learn about and see the lifecycle of the oyster.
  7. Hooked, I make crabmeat stuffed flounder all the time and it is awsome. My stepdaughter who absolutly hates fish and refuses to eat it loves this! I think the problem may have been your crab meat. Of course I don't know where you got it so I may be wrong but I always use crab meat that I caught and steamed myself. If you buy the crap from the store in the little plastic tub your've got to really watch where it came from. Also I even freeze a lot of crab meat that I caught with a food saver and although that is OK it is not ever as good as the fresh picked meat. FYI my recipie is simply lay the fillets on foil, pour a light coating of Vadallia onion salad dressing over fish. Sprinkle lightly all over with JO spice ( I like JO better that old bay but either is fine) cover with crab meat, a little more JO and vadallia onion dressing again aver it all then broil until fish is flaky and crab meat on top is a little crispy. Gerry
  8. Sorry if you got this twice but my PC crapped out on me in the middle of replying to you.... Thanks wdinarte for the tips. I planning on trolling (or chumming if thats how they're catching them) out in the bay.
  9. Thanks for all the good tips! I just checked my truck and the tires are LT245 75R17E and recommended pressure is 80 PSI. I never even heard of these types of tires so thanks again for your help. And cranking in a Drum from the surf would suite me just fine, I'll bring the baits you suggested. What rig do you use for Drum fishing? Gerry
  10. I'm planning to take the camper and boat to Point Lookout this spring for a weekend. I've fished there in the past but only in the fall. Does anyone know when the best time to go for big rockfish would be in the spring? April?, May? Thanks in advance, Gerry
  11. Dave, Thanks for the feedback. My truck (F250) has the factory tow package with transmission cooler sway/slip controll etc so I think I'll be fine there.
  12. Thanks for getting back to me everyone. Weather permitting I'll probably go ahead and give it a shot. At worst it won't be the first time I made a bunch of casts and came back with nothing but bait. I'll have all the necessities in the truck required to drive on the beach of course but I've seen a few discussions on tire pressure, 4WH or 4WL. What do you guys reccomend. 15 PSI? 20 PSI? does it depend on the truck (should I try 20 first then let out more if necessary?) And should I use 4 wheel high unless i got stuck??? and drive in the hard above the water line where possible??? Thanks in advance Capt. Gerry
  13. Hi all, I just joined this forum so I'd like to say hi first, and I have a question for you all. I've been offshore fishing and spearfishing my whole life but I'm new to surf fishing. I just bought a truck and plan to hit the beach as often as I can and learn the ropes. I'll probably have plenty of questions later about actually learning to drive on the beach but right now I was wondering if there were any fish to be caught in the surf (maybe stripers) in mid March or is that still too early? I want to get started and plan to be in the AI area the weekend of the 15th. Thanks in advance for any responses. Capt. Gerry McDonald "To Dive For" SCUBA Charters.