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  1. Yeah definitely make no mistake I am not trying to whine about any "blaming" I just want to help as much as anyone here. It really is a shame and we will just have to see what comes into effect.
  2. I've been off this thread for a while and just refreshed myself by reading all the posts...........almost threw up when I read that 9 sharks had washed up dead- finned and de-jawwed. That makes me SICK. All these new possible regulations make alot more sense now as to what triggered them into action. I really can't blame them for trying to make regulations because that is flat-out appalling. What is sad is that not a single person on this board (that I know of) would ever think of doing such a thing. And honestly, regulations will not stop criminals from breaking the law...........gun laws don't prevent bank robbery. Ben Dziwulski
  3. Based on the discussion on some other forums its sounds like cutting the leader will be the only legal way to release a Sand Tiger- if said regulations come into play. This is VERY Unhealthy for the sharks in my opinion....... I am pretty shocked it came to this and am really sorry for those who feel like I am solely responsible. Things like the WBOC "Delmarva Outdoors" news segment and other local news paper articles were to try and promote the sport in the most positive image I thought imaginable; focusing on catch, tag, and release, proper handling, etc. Never did I want to screw us all over. There were several people I saw doing it midday over the course of the summer (like I used to before I came to my senses), and I feel like that is what is really getting people fired up. Fishing anytime after 11am or before 8pm on a usually-populated beach is just asking for trouble. You might not see the consequences on that day, but all it takes is for a few uneducated people to murmur about it, and it spreads like wildfire. I hope that individuals who make the laws will instead UTILIZE the fisherman to collect data through catch tag and release, and not make the fisherman release the shark with hooks attached...... Ben Dziwulski
  4. I really have no idea why anyone would need a stinger hook to catch these sharks. The sandtigers almost immediately inhale the bait, and one correctly placed circle hook is all you need. I know a few guys that do it on 3r's and other Del. beaches, but I taught them my tricks and I know they don't use those rigs, nor do they fish during the day I just hope people will read these posts too and learn about proper rigging! As for the 20/0 circles- They are great when you drop very big baits- as I have a tendency to do...haha. They are made of "duratin" and if for some reason you need to leave them in a shark- they will rust out rather quickly unlike stainless J hooks. I bought a 100pack of them from for $145 shipped. I am sure you can look around online and find less bulk if that is what you want. Let me know if you have any more questions! Ben
  5. General- no hard feelings at all. Like Dave said- this site is tha bomb.......a phenomenal resource. Sam has worked hard to keep it friendly, truthful, and informative. Now, I just got wind that there have been a few dead Sand Tigers that have washed up on DE beaches lately. They were gut hooked with Stainless Steel J-Hooks. For everyone reading : THAT IS WHAT WILL GET SHARK FISHING BANNED! Please be responsible and protect these sharks and use the correct equipment. I have used 20/0 Mustad circle hooks almost exclusively the past 2 years, and my hook out percentage is through the roof. The key is to have the hook very exposed, have it razor sharp, and set the hook as soon as you see the shark start to run with your bait (all you do is reel as fast as possible to set circle hooks). If you wait too long they will swallow the bait, and thus will be gut hooked. Also, a good de-hooker is a must. If you do not have time to make one or the money to buy one, cutting off a hook in the corner of the mouth is much better than one in the stomach of a fish. Always use circle hooks! My rant is done Ben
  6. Dave- I definitely understand and agree with your intentions- believe me no offense taken. Forums like this are exactly where these sort of duscussions need to take place. Education is the key to keeping our rights as anglers alive. Its a dangerous sport, but with education everyone can enjoy it. If you find that link- PLEASE let me know because I am very interested in reading it. I've seen several people doing sharking during the day at 3r's when I am there with my family and friends just hanging out skimming and whatnot. I feel like many of these day catches are what is leading to public concern. At night we have no audience- so no one should be complaining. GENERAL- Yes you are correct, I forgot to say that we post the reports on our website- which is not a forum of any kind. However, I'm pretty sure our site got a maximum of about 550 hits last month, so it is really nowhere near the publicity as a site like this. And most of those hits were probably my grandmother. All of our guide fishing is done on a private beach that one of my buddy lives on. There literally is zero people on the beach every night, so it is a perfect place to shark and not scare any beachgoers whatsoever. Our trips are very educational, but most people are just looking to catch one- not try to duplicate the results themselves. As for the shark handling. We handle our sharks with care. When we "sit" on them it is purely for stabilization. We put our hands on their head with some pressure to keep it from squirming and flipping over, and our knees are on the ground, with little to no weight actually on the back of the shark. The only other pressure is with our knees squeezing the side of the shark if they try to squirm when we get the hook out. We also have someone on the tail to keep that from moving and whipping anyone. Bottom line is that we get our sharks out and back into the water quickly and as safely as we can. Our hook-out percentage is 90%+ with the 20/0 circle hooks we use, and as we have noticed with our recent re-catches, our techniques are working and the sharks are staying healthy. When the shark is 8.5ft+, you simply cannot be super gentle with it, or else it will slap you with its tail and throw you off of it- never getting the hook out- wasting more time and hurting the shark more. The quicker the better when it comes to catch and release. I wish there was some way to convince people- but I care about these sharks and in no way do I ever want to hurt them. We handle them as quick as possibly and with as much care as we can. Dave- I'd love to meet up and talk about what we can do to continue the educational process of this sport we love- only problem is that I am shipping off to college on Thursday. Lets keep this discussion going... Ben Dziwulski God Bless
  7. Well it doesn't take a scientist to figure out that you guys are talking about me. I am going to try and clear a few things up- I understand if you still are upset with me afterwards, I just want to show you my side of things. I just have a few questions/statements: Dave, where did you hear that they were banning shark fishing from the beach with yakked baits in <acronym title="Delaware"><acronym title="Delaware">DE</acronym></acronym>? I have not heard about this, but really want to hear about it. There is actually is a "Surf Sharkin' Rodeo" fishing tournament (for money) August 21st right off the State Park beaches north of <acronym title="Indian River Inlet">IRI</acronym>. Old Inlet bait and tackle is running it, and they got approval from the state parks, local gov, and there will be reps from the Del university marine biology dept. tagging/ keeping/ studying the catches. I feel like they wouldn't let this happen if they were banning it. I could be very wrong though. Also, about the bull shark- I posted it in two places. Here, and the <acronym title="Texas"><acronym title="Texas">TX</acronym></acronym> Sharkin forum. Thats it. I have not flaunted this is any way shape or form- and kept it among people who are "sharkers" and know that these fish swim in these waters. I would never sit there and show this to people outside of these two sharkin communities. If you feel like I have flaunted, I am sorry. There were several people who posted in on other places, and I told them to take it down- none of them did. So far, We have 77 documented catch, tag (when they were available-we run out frequently), and releases this summer- I've posted maybe 15 of these catches in two separate posts on this forum. I know there are people who have posted much more pictures. We had a segment on WBOC News showing us shark fishing. If you saw the segment early this summer, it was VERY educational and advertised catch, tag, and release to help "save a species". Mike Parker, the one who filmed it, told me 4 days ago that the feedback is still coming back very positive. Pop Up Video (The first Sand Tiger caught in the video was caught again, by us, last night (7/08/2010)! It had grown 4 inches since the beginning of the summer! Goes to show that Circle Hooks, quick release, and proper tools really really works) As for the environmental side of things- we get on their backs in order to stabilize them. I have a homemade dehooker that I use, and unless you are able to stabilize their head and jaws, that hook will not pop out very quickly- and you risk injuring the fish more. We catch, tag, dehook, and release in under 3 minutes- no questions. We have proven healthy releases because we have personally re-caught 3 of our tagged Sand Tigers this week (pretty sweeeeet)! Every single one of them were very healthy, and we dehooked, retagged, and released them like always. NOAA is very excited to compare the data that we collected last year and earlier this year with the data from the re-tagged fish Every time we have people ask us how they can do this on their own, I do my best in conveying the same message you have conveyed here. Safety first, and to be safe, you MUST MUST MUST be prepared. Preperation doesn't come when you finally hook up with a shark and have no idea what to do. Dehooker, bolt cutters, tailrope (it injures them less if you use your hands, but that is only if you are comfortable with them) need to be all ready to go when you get the shark in. Also, IMO, you need at least 4 in your crew- shark fishing alone is deadly. And as for fishing in crowded areas, we never fish where there are people swimming- usually we start at about 8pm, when everyone is out of the water. Earlier in the summer we fished a couple times in areas where there were a little too many people on the beach for my liking. Since then, we have fished from a private beach (deserted basically), or on Del State parks in uncrowded areas. I hope I settled some disputes or at least shed some light on what I do. Please respond and ask questions/ tell me how you really feel. My feelings won't be hurt, I just want to clear anything up that might be misconstrued. This is the website where it all started- and I posted that ESSAY-like first shark report 4 or 5 years ago. Sam and friends have helped me out big time and there is nothing more that I want to do than give what I have learned back. The last thing I want to do is prevent people from being able to do this. God bless Ben Dziwulski
  8. Hey guys...I am about to go on a another trip, but I took a couple people out last night and we caught something amazing. By far my most memorable fish catch of all time. Here is a teaser, a full report will come tomorrow when I have gotten some rest!: Anyone want to guess what this is? Ben
  9. The sharkin is still ON. We have caught several Sand Tigers over 8 ft and several Sandbars over 6ft in Bethany. Tonight's 6ft 9 inch Sandbar had SPUNK. Nothing like 100 yard runs towards england! Using a big 20/0 circle hook has been catching them in the corner of the mouth almost every time. Get that hook nice and sharp to get through their tough skin- and remember to bring bolt cutters or a BIG de-hooker. With this water soo warm, I am expecting to see a Tiger or Hammerhead soon. Just wishful thinking but I don't think I'm too far off base. We already know there are some Bulls in the area! Get bent. Cya on the sand! Ben
  10. Also, a trick that has worked VERY welll for me, especially if they are sucking down close to the wash, is to hold the line VERY tight, and pluck it hard like a guitar string, making the vibrations go down the line. If it is under their snout, I think it is kind of like tickling them and more times than not they will start swimming- its pretty sweet. Also, for the really stubborn ones, my buddy Jon walks out with a paddle from our yak and flips em like a pancake......haha that always gets them going.
  11. MY biggest Sand Tiger ever was caught on Casting gear. They are all over the place man, we just find it more consistent and easier to get really big baits out there with a kayak. Bigger bait= bigger fish ....................usually.
  12. Check your PM's

  13. Don't worry Hook- the sharks are in THICK. Especially if you have an incoming tide after sunset, or if you get a nice cloudy day. We have been catching them from 122nd in OC north to IRI. Most are coming on Bluefish for us. Several BIG Sand Tigers, and some pretty big Sandbars over 7ft. As this water keeps getting warmer, I wouldn't be too surprised if someone lucks into a Great Hammer or a Tiger or a few bulls. Good luck!
  14. The fish was caught on a whole bluefish, and on a drop at about 150-200 yards!
  15. Hey guys, sorry I have not posted anything. I got hit with a lot of stuff to do and have not had time to post a full report. The answer is Bull. 9ft exactly, pregnant, and easily over 450 pounds. I did some research and found a 9ft bull that weighed in at 517lbs, and this one was FAT, so I assume it was close to that. We caught it on a yakked bait. Check out this picture of it where you see how much it bulged on its sides: here is another one of it:
  16. Here are some pictures from the last week of Sharkin! Enjoy! They are definitely here! Sandbar: First shark of the night guiding some of my high school buddies! 7ft 5inches tagged and released Shark Number two of the night reeled in by my buddy Kyle: 7ft 3 inches, tagged and released "That was one hell of a bi's and tri's workout" Tonight my friend Ryan wanted to take a trip out, and he got to reel in this 7ft 4 incher. It was also tagged and released despite the terror of the family watching! The dad thought it was awesome though.....not the wife.... Lovin this weather! Ben Dziwulski
  17. billf57- Sorry i missed your message! Yes we sharked all weekend at the southside of the Bethany Boardwalk and caught 3 sharks over 7 feet each night. We can barely keep them off the hook! I will post pictures when I gather them from the hordes of people that were in the crowd! Ben Dziwulski
  18. It would be much easier for me to show you the rig rather than explain it! Just let me know when you are in town and on the sand and I can come meet up with yuo out there. PS: We got two 8.5 footers last night too and a solid Sandbar! Pics to come (some girl took them with her hi-res camera and still needs to get back to me) Ben
  19. Hey is about that time of year for the big ol' sharks to come to town. Might be a little early, but I am sure ready to catch them! This summer, instead of just ONE week at the beach like past years, I will be LIVING at the beach from Late may til Late August! I cannot wait to see what sort of sharks we can hook into this summer! Anyway, does anyone have any knowledge as to the sharks that pup in DE bay? I had heard that the Scalloped Hammerheads will use the DE bay to pup, which tells me that there should be some migratory females coming up the coast? Who knows...but I am sure as heck going to try to catch one. I caught one 4' pup last summer. I could be wayyyyyyyyy off...but I am going to start sharkin' hard right when I get down. We will see if I can pick up anything! Ben Dziwulski God bless
  20. Hey man...look em up on facebook and we will link up and do some sharkin this summer. Ben Dziwulski
  21. Well fellas, it has taken time to compile the pictures from what was an awesome week on the Sand, but I have gathered most of the pictures of everything we caught, and have my facts straight. I hope you enjoy the stories from the most memorable beach vacation I have ever had! It was nice to meet a bunch of guys from the board, and hopefully I can see you again when I come back down this weekend for round two! My goal at the beginning of the week was 10 sharks, with hopefully 5 over 6 ft. I thought I was aiming a little high with this estimate............ Saturday: As we do every year, my family, consisting on my Mom, Dad, and two younger brothers (Scott and Drew) ventured to Bethany Beach, Delaware for our annual beach vacation. Like every year, we stayed at the Northernmost part of Bethany, right next to the 3r's fishing drive-on beach. When we arrived on Saturday, July 25th, the first thing I did was pick up my 2009 Drive-on tag, stopped by the shop to get some fresh bait, and hit the sand. I had been DYING to get out and do some sharkin' all summer. To say I was excited would be a serious understatement. Although I was planning on taking it easy the first night, and tying up some new rigs without sharkin too hard- I couldn't resist putting all three of my rods in the surf. I came with my Penn 9/0, a Daiwa Sealine 50, and a Shimano 6500 Batirunner. They were all spooled with 50/80, 50/80, and 25/80 lb test Hi Seas Grand Slam monofilament respectively. Within the first hour of putting bluefish heads in the water- I beached a beautiful 5.5 foot Sandbar/ Dusky (I can never tell them apart- I am more interested in the fight!) It was not a bad way to start off my week! I headed in early, just after seeing Finaddict land a nice Sand Tiger. Needless to say I knew it was going to be a great week. I finished off the night with Finaddict and friends helping me land a 4ft+ butterfly ray just as I was about to pack in the last rod. Always pull the rods in last! Sunday: I got up early Sunday to meet my buddy Blake on the sand. He is a Baltimore, <acronym title="Maryland"><acronym title="Maryland"><acronym title="Maryland"><acronym title="Maryland"><acronym title="Maryland"><acronym title="Maryland"><acronym title="Maryland"><acronym title="Maryland"><acronym title="Maryland"><acronym title="Maryland"><acronym title="Maryland"><acronym title="Maryland"><acronym title="Maryland"><acronym title="Maryland">MD</acronym></acronym></acronym></acronym></acronym></acronym></acronym></acronym></acronym></acronym></acronym></acronym></acronym></acronym> naitive, but had cut his teeth sharkin in the surf down in Florida. He had no idea there were sharks to be caught up north until he saw my facebook profile. Sure enough, we hit the sand together ready to rock. He was armed with his 16/0 (that reel is freakin huge........), 10/0, and a 6500 baitrunner. That morning we were slow yakkin out baits, but by the time I had dropped all of the baits, 3 of the 6 had gotten runs before I even got back to the sand. Shockingly, nothing ate the bait, so I assume they were simply smaller Sandbars gnawing on the bigger baits. The hot day went on, and we hung out on the PACKED beach for a little while, soaking baits for long periods of time. At about 6500 starts bouncing , the 20/0 circle hook was set, and the fight was on. These beachgoers didn't want to leave the water as the shark took me north down the beach...... After a 15 to 20 minute fight, this beautiful Sand Tiger was beached, measuring 106 inches- 8ft 10inches. What a gorgeous fish. She was on the beach for less then 3 minutes, and back in the water with the hook out! After the beachgoers were done questioning me, and were busy packing up their things, we were able to yak out new baits and await another bruiser Sand Tiger. This time Blake's 10/0 rigged with a whole Tuna Head gets eaten, resulting in this fine specimen. This one came in at 8ft even. When I got back to the rods, the 6500 baitrunner started screamin', and we put this beautiful Sandbar/ Dusky on the beach. She measured 73 inches. Pictures were tough to find on this sucker too. Here is a headshot. Almost immediately after we had released this shark and yakked out another tuna head, not long went by and the 10/0 started screaming again! This time, it was Ryan's turn to fight her, and we beached this 8ft 1inch Sandtiger that had been terrorizing surf fisherman all day. Look at all those rigs in her mouth! We cleaned up her mouth quickly and she left with alot less metal in her then before. Oh, and now she could actually open her mouth. How she gobbled down the Tuna head is beyond me! After a few more runs that night without any sharks to show, it started to get pretty nasty, and we headed home. What an amazing way to kick off the week. It was Sunday night, and we already had 5 sharks on the sand, with 4 of them over 6 ft! Monday After sharking til about 4am, I decided to recuperate and slept in til about 5pm. When I woke up it was cloudy with thunderstorms, but it soon cleared up enough to warrant a short night on the beach. Unfortunately Blake had to go back to Baltimore, but kindly left me his 10/0 to use for the rest of the week. That night, on a tasty piece of stingray, I fought this gorgeous 99 inch Sand Tiger to the beach. 8ft 3 inches and fat! My dad forgot to turn the headlamp the pics didn't turn out very well. After catching this with a limited crew, we decided not to push our luck in limited light, and decided to make a early morning of it the next day. Tuesday My Dad, brothers, and I all woke up at about 4am to get on the beach and have baits soaking just as the sun came up. Right away I ended up landing a 4ft wide Butterfly Ray, and was hoping that it would not be a morning full of rays. About an hour went by and one of my rods started bouncing. I thought it was a bluefish beacause of how soft the pickup was, but when I reeled down to set the circle- the fight was on! I handed the 6500 to my youngest brother and he beached this healthy 6ft 7inch Snaggletooth: It was so great to see the smile on his face after catching a Sand Tiger of his own! I was so proud of him. About an hour after his catch, my rod goes down and I land an identical twin to my brother's. It was exactly 6ft 7 inches, and didn't have a hole from where we hooked the last one! As the sun peeked out above the horizon, the bite got slower, and the napping/ eating ensued. I needed to get geared up for another night of sharkin. We had several friends and relatives in the area at this point during the week, and had a bunch of people ready to watch a monster get landed that night. We didn't dissapoint! On the good ol' 6500 baitrunner, my brother Scott hooked up with a solid Sandie right at 7ft 10 inches! This was his first shark, and in his pictures he was going for the badass look...haha That was it for the night, and I certainly wasn't complaing. The guests got what they were looking for, and both of my younger brothers had caught there first sharks in the same day! The only one left was my dad (mom wasn't interested in reeling one in...haha). He still hadn't had any toothy pullage yet. Everytime it was his turn on a rod, it was a butterfly ray! Wednesday Mom made us take the day off, and we ventured out to eat a nice family dinner at Phillips all-you-can-eat seafood buffet. I complained, but not too much once I got a hole of the all you could eat prime rib. We got a good nights rest, and Lord knows that we were going to need it! Thursday morning was just around the corner. Thursday When the alarm woke me up Thursday morning...I had no idea how awesome the next few hours would be. We got up at 4 and had baits soaking by 6. By 7:30 we had FIVE sharks on the sand!!!!!!!!!!!!! This included the biggest of the week- AND MY DAD's FIRST! She was the first of the day, and didn't even let me get all my rods yakked out. I was pulling the kayak up on the beach when she started screaming the Sealine 50. After a great fight, dad brought her in like a pro. 110 Inches. 9ft2. This was one massive Sand Tiger. Just look how big that head is! This wasn't all. We landed 2 more Sand tigers- I never had a chance to drop my 4th bait until all 3 that had been yakked caught a fish! My buddy from high school got his first- an 87 inch- 7ft 3incher. My 3rd Cousin, Ricky, had about a 40 minute battle with this sucker on the Sealine 50. The pictures say it all! He was a little hesitant getting on the back of it! 98 inches (8ft 2inches) I ended up bringing one on a Mahi head all the way into the surf. It was another ST that was easily over 7ft. We touched the metal leader and then the circle hook came out. I consider it a quick catch and release! At about 7:20 I caught this 7ft 7incher: What a morning! I was amazed to see how thick those sharks were. I must have been dropping the baits right on their head! We regrouped after the muscle-ripping morning and got ready to go for that evening. Instead of staying out late, we only hit the sand for the evening fish. I ended up with this fine specimen. A sandbar/ dusky at 5ft 1inch. That was a total of 6 sharks in one day, and without even fishing very long by any standards. What a day! Friday We tried the early morning fish, and only had a few small runs to show for it. It is amazing how the fish can just move, and seemingly identical conditions can yield completely different results. I fished pretty steady, keeping the baits relatively fresh even during the day, and ended up with 2 smaller sharks. One of them however, was definitely a highlight! A Scalloped Hammerhead! She was on a really long drop, and not much of a fight on the 10/0. However it was amazing to catch one! She came in at 4ft exactly. It was cooler then cool to see this guy on the end of my line, and I really hope I can tango with a full-size one soon! Late at night, after a NASTY set of thunderstorms ruined my evenin fish, I was able to drop some baits and ended up with a sandbar/dusky measuring 57 inches. Saturday This was the last day, and I desperately trying to double my goal of 10 sharks over the week. I ended up with two more sandbar sharks during the day right before leaving back for home. One was over 5 ft and came off right as we touched the tail- no worries. The final shark was the smallest of the trip and 43 inches. WOW What an amazing vacation! The total tally was 19 sharks (sorry if I missed one), with 14 of them over 6 feet! I am still shocked with how well everything went. All sharks were released unharmed, and swam away in a hurry. Some other highlights were some good sized rays, including this Croc-Hunter Killer- I also had two rays spool me, so who knows just how big those guys were! I hope you enjoyed the report. I had the best time fishing I could have ever imagined to have. Monster sharks, good fun, and lots of new people getting excited about the sport. Also a bunch of first-time catches! I love nothing more then to hand that rod over to an unsuspecting person, knowing that it will most likely be the biggest fish they ever catch in their lives, and certainly one they will always cherish. That is what it is all about! Ben Dziwulski God bless ps: I am back at it again Friday Saturday and Sunday of this weekend! Let me know if you want to hit the sand!!!!
  22. Thats what I like to hear. Not of the breakoff....but just the fact that sometimes we have no idea what is out there. I am glued to the TV this week- Sharkweek (obviously...) and I was watching where there was a 9.5 ft bull that attacked a swimmer in VA beach. We really aren't that far away! I just hate not seeing the fish, ya know? Who knows...could have been a "rogue white". Looking forward to seeing you out there this weekend. Should be fishing from 5pm-10am Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. This is my last weekend before heading back down to school, so we will see what happens! Ben Dziwulski God bless