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  1. Sharks come within casting distance of the beach especially at night but not until the water temps come up a bit. There are some pretty well experienced guys on here that can give you alot of good information. Im sure Dave will have some good insight.
  2. I would say the activity levels in south ocean city make a difference as well. Theres a huge draw for a younger crowd in south O.C. I dont know about you guys but one of my peeves is if I'm on the beach early morning or late night and people walk right in front of me, usually into my lines. This is much less of an issue in North O.C. and Assateague. However, I know alot of guys that fish the inlet both from land and on boats and I know the pier produces good fish so I dont think the fish prefer certain areas, just the fisherman.
  3. Wow nice catch. Did you get any measurements on that big boy?
  4. Some nice fish and great pictures!
  5. I know the length of prime shark season varies primarily with water temperatures each year. This past summer I tried my luck a but didnt have much success. I was just wondering what some average beginning and end times are for prime shark season, or the desired water temperatures. Thanks in advance.
  6. Dave I believe that store has changed owners since this post I'm not positive on that, but does that shop or Buck's still sell your rigs?
  7. I realize this is an old thread but whenever you come back lucky angler on the corner of rt 611 and rt 50 by trader lees is now open. Same owners that used to run bucks when they had the freshest bait around. Haven't been since they opened but I'm sure they will be getting the freshest bait again.
  8. I believe Wrightsville Beach has placed a ban on fishing for shark there. I'm sure this is mostly to ensure tourists arent scared away, but I believe all other beaches in the Wilmington area allow the catch and release of sharks.
  9. annihilation-time I'm planning on going down to the wilmington area next weekend. First time fishing down there (I'm from Maryland), so I was wondering if you had found any info on areas which produce more or if you had any suggestions on which tackle shops had the freshest bait down there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.