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  1. I picked up over a half dozen on my 4/0 hooks... The catches were incidental...most of the times, I didn't even know I had one on..just saw my tip doing a lttle dance. With smaller hooks and bloods, you could probably do fairly well on the perch from what I saw. Of the ones I caught, a few had some shoulders to them... Mark
  2. purchased at Clydes. 4/0 circle hooks. Next time -- if I wind up w/ better bloods, I'll move up on my circle hooks so I avoid the perch. Take care, Mark
  3. but just a little different. Thought you guys might like to see the 35" cow I managed to land yesterday at Sandy Point State Park Tight lines, Excalibur
  4. I wasn't sure whether you were running there w/ a small boat or what... I was curious because yesterday I ran across a fishing charter company that guides on the flats. His rate was 580 for a full day - 6 people. 300 for half day. Beyond my budget for now... Ex
  5. How do you fish the flats ? by boat or shore ? I grew up fishing conowingo but it's been a long time... Ex
  6. What side of the narrows were you fishing ? (east / west)Also, what were you throwing ? bait or lures ?Thanks,Ex
  7. out on Del rte 54 was pretty good to me last year. They had all the stuff I wanted for sharkin' and...lent me crimpers, etc. so I could make up rigs right in the store. Their finger mullet was also better than fenwick/oyster bay tackle. Prices seem a bit higher but I pass right by them on my way into the shore. Ex
  8. Last summer I came down to AI twice. The first time, I met up w/ Coop, Sam and Oliver for some sharkin'. The second time, I brought my wife and kids to see the horses. Each time, they charged me a $10 fee to get into the federal side of the park. I think the pass they sell for $10 is good for 7 days... I've heard that you can somehow use Federal Duck Stamps to get into Federal parks like AI...(I used to buy them at the post office each year I duck and goose hunted) Is this true ? If I show up at the gate house w/ a current year duck stamp do they then waive the $10 fee ? Also -- the access I'm shooting for is just driving on and parking in a parking lot. Not necessarily ORV. I understand that w/ ORV you need a different permit entirely. Hopefully someone can help straighten me out on this. Thanks and tight lines, Mark
  9. I've never caught either. Does anyone have a picture ? I see you guys refer to them all the time but don't know what they are. Unfortunately, I am familiar w/ skates. Thanks, Ex
  10. Alright -- here's a couple of questions for those pro's out there. I bought some 8/0 Gami circle hooks for striper fishing. I wanted to tie them up into fish-finder rigs. My plan was to snell heavy mono onto the hooks, give myself a 3 inch or so leader and then tie to a barrel swivel. The gamis have a straight eye (not bent angled) -- should my standing line coming away from the snell go through the eye and away from the shank side of the hook or...toward the gap side of the hook? (previous gami purchases had angled eyes...that was an easier call) Also, the hook eyes are not welded -- turned and cut off a bevel. When doing a few practice ties and tightening up w/ pliers, I was able to break off 50 lb mono about 50% of the time. It seemed to be breaking right where my standing line came off the snell and passed through the eye -- My guess is that the cut end of the eye is somehow abraiding the mono. Has anyone else had this happen ? If so, what did you do to resolve it (short of scrapping the gamis and going to another brand) Thanks, Mark
  11. Is fresh bunker still available or do you have to go frozen at this point ? Mark