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  1. Ok guys, so I'm planning a trip to camp out on Assateague between Sept 22-26 and was wondering what kind of fishing I'd be looking at from the surf/rt. 50 bridge/Ocean City Inlet? I've been going to Assateague every year for roughly the last 10+ years (always around Mid July) and have muddled around with some surf fishing and from the wall in Ocean City (flounder/kings/croakers/blues and the most recent of years the occasional shark at night) and a giant ray in the inlet as well. I'd like to give some other things a shot (never fished the rt. 50 bridge) but I'm not sure what I should be worried about what fish to be keying in on? I love the sport of catching sharks at night, but am just as into catching fish that I can grill over an open fire for dinner. Any pointers/tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!