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  1. This morning around 9:30 am a couple of rather large sharks were sighted by local surfers and some people on the beach in Ocean City, MD. I have heard of a lot of these sightings lately, anyone know why? This is not a news story yet........
  2. Caught a lot of sharks south of the Bull Pen, actually near to the VA Line, Easier to get out on a yak, the bar seems to be all the way to shore with no drop off in some spots. May not have to paddle out too far to get to deep water. Course finding the trof would be ideal, and if you guys chum i def suggest going further south.....:eusa_wall:
  3. Dave, what are you fishing for????
  4. I know this sounds bad being a photographer, but I did not take any pics. But I will keep it in mind the next time I post.....
  5. After many unsuccessful days this summer, my wife and I finally landed 3 keepers ( 3 for 3 Flounder ) this past Monday, 1 hr before the high tide, at the end of the airport runway. All range 17 to 19...Bate: Silversides with a strip of squid on a double hook, Fluke Killer, first time that we tried this combo....It works......
  6. Anyone interested I have 3 Kayaks for sale , 2 Ocean Kayaks and 1 RTM....Cheep 410-213-7004
  7. Thanks to all of you for the welcome, I'm sure I will see a lot of you around, keep in touch, my wife & I are on the beach alot when Im not working my real job. my hopes are too produce several hunting & fishing DVDs and place them on a web site, show at local hunting & fishing stores, on the air, etc.....