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  1. Thanks Derf, I will keep that in mind... Now I just have to get the family to agree to fishing at night.. lol
  2. Just want to say, We went to AI Sunday to try our luck, although we were not so lucky and we pretty much fed the crabs all day. I would like to say we bought out bait from the Lucky Angler and were very pleased. Very nice lady with two of the cutest dogs. My wife fell in love with her little chi chi. OK, back to the bait. I picked up some fresh bunker and a dozen blood worms and a couple rigs which I thought was reasonably priced and she was also very helpful. It is definitely worth driving up to 611 just to get your bait from there. I will from now on...
  3. If anyone on here has a truck camper, I am wondering if the side porch light with 1156 bulb gives off enough light to fish by or should I upgrade to a brighter 12v LED light? I have just recently gotten my camper and have only been out a few times, but not after dark yet. Just wondering:confused:
  4. I may be able to, but I am going to leave it for now, I installed a bracket with a pin to hold it up while riding. Once we get there I'll see if we need it or not. Thanks again. Quick question for you. I keep seeing articals that say a fishing license is required for AI now. Is this true or do you still not need one for OSV in the surf??? I'm a little confused about this...
  5. Thanks Jim, Going to give it a shot. I have the deck mounted.Ready for a relaxing day at the beach... .
  6. Heading to AI this weekend, probably Sunday. What's running now and what bait or baits should I take with me? How far down should I go? I usually go to km 18 or so, should I go down further than that?
  7. Being away from reality if for only a couple of ours, spending time with family and the look and reaction on the faces when they get to reel in a fish. Just being at the beach and listening to ocean with a line in the water and knowing the kids and wife love it as much as I do...
  8. Thanks Jim, Hope to have the deck on by this weekend. We are seriously going to try for this weekend. And thanks a bunch for the tips you have already passed along. I am confident we will start catching. I wish it was as easy as "If I cast it they will come" haha. I will post a pic of the deck when I get it attached. Thanks again... Tim
  9. I am kinda new at the whole surf fishing thing, so I am just looking for some tips on how I might be able to catch something while I am at the beach with the family. Not looking to catch anything in particular right now, just trying to get the hang of it. This is what I am working with. I have a truck and a 11 1/2' caribou truck camper so getting there and spending the day is covered. I have one 12' rod, 2- 10' rods a 9' rod and 2- 7' rods neither of them are really high dollar rods but they work. We usually go to AI during the day and stay until the edge of dark. My wife and 14 yo son also love fishing, as long as we are catching something. So I guess my question is, is there just some basic rigs I can use that will up our chances of catching something? I have been told by a few that if we stay just past dark we could hit on a shark or two, and it seems that fresh cut bunker is the bait of choice. I use 20lb mono on my reels and have tried sand flees, blood worm, silver side and squid with not much luck, any and all help will be appreciated. Thanks guys, and maybe we will see on the surf... Tim:confused: