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  1. Great Sandtiger Dave! Finally broke the 12ft mark on casted bait. Don't know anyone else that could have done that on 17lb cajun.
  2. Thanks big rad for the ID
  3. Freshest bait in O.C.! I stopped by to get bunker for sharkin' and sand fleas and mullet for everything else. The sand fleas were just kept in a plastic bag and they were still alive the next day.
  4. Tataug were biting great on Sunday after the storm blew through. Acutus and I caught 16 in two hours. He also managed to pick up a gorgeous sheepshead in the same spot. We also need this little guy identified if anyone can help us out. He was caught on a small sand flea in 20 ft of water next to a rock pile. He has some impressive teeth for his size.
  5. Thanks Dave, for showing us how to round up those toothies Sunday night. Acutus and I are hooked! And Mike is kicking himself for not being able to get out with us. Here are some pics from the trip Here is the smallest of the night and this guy was the biggest at 77in And a couple of sandies being dragged back into the water.
  6. You should send a PM to Dave. He knows Assateague VERY well, and is a great guy to learn from.
  7. Dave, was that 6'5" sand tiger last night with Shanan?
  8. Went out to try to tag some toothies tonight. At the start of the incoming tide I also threw out a big rod with a 16/0 circle hook and a 10in bluefish as bait on a fish finder rig. At 10:40 my Avet LX started screaming as the 150 yards of flouro top peeled off. There is a total of 520 yards of line on my reel and 400 yards was gone before the first run was over. Fearing I might be spooled, I started running down the beach trying to put some line back on the spool. It was dark and I found (fell into) a two foot deep hole where sand had been dug up for a large sandcastle. I almost lost my rod in the fall. I hurt my back pretty bad (I am recovering from spinal surgery). I figured I had to turn him so I tightened the drag down all the way, leaned back on the rod to increase the drag angle and crossed my fingers. SNAP. He broke 80 lb test after running a total of 450 yards. That's a LOT of stamina and a VERY strong fish. I have a good guess on what it was but I will never know for sure. I am in a back brace and will not be fishing for a few days. Oh well, it was a heck of a rum while it lasted.