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  1. hittin AI in the am hoping to see somethin bitin. New rigs, new gear , new year here's hoping for a good day. I'll report.
  2. anybody been on AI? what shape is the OSV in? lookin to get some beach time in soon
  3. being out with friends and or family to just kick back and enjoy nature. Sam i have to agree with ya the getting ready part is exciting.
  4. i'll be getting up with you, hitting AI tuesday am
  5. hopefully weather permiting headin to AI on tuesday. i need to get a hook into something
  6. Wife took the kids to OC to do some fishing and first cast had a striper on the line. Wind and seagulls forced them off the beach but caught 2 keepers and had a hard hit that was lost 10 ft from the beach....
  7. on AI today and had a pretty productive time. only came home with 4 keepers 3 blue and a king, but caught 18 blues, 1 king and a flounder. gotta love the bait from Lucky Angler!!
  8. haven't been out in a couple weeks. last time i had a rod in the water was the tourney in ocean city, thing i'm going through withdraw lol. heading out monday, glad to see there are still some big boys left.
  9. i have a pretty good cast with a 10 ft quatum blue runner. have been looking to get a new rod any suggestions? i have looked at ugly sticks, okuma, and shannon at lucky's showed me a nice daiwa. I think my rod now is only rated at 4oz wt
  10. i would agree dave, it was rough out there. I usually us 6 and when i tell people that they cant believe it. They tell me that they never use more than a 4 that anything higher they can't feel any thing. I am fairly new to surf fishing and constantly wanting to learn new things. If 8 is better ill give it a shot.
  11. tried to go out today, had drum on the brain. stopped by lucky anglers and headed out. steady wind was tolerable but the surf was absolutley brutal, couldnt hold a 6oz on bottom at all.
  12. headin down this afternoon, gonna hit Lucky Angler then the beach. Hoping to keep bringin the fish in. If anybody's out stop by burgundy expedition. Mike great job on bringin in that catch hell of a job to do by yourself!!
  13. stopped in there this am and they were great. Nice to see them open and they really care about the fishermen and giving us the best. She told me live wells should be up soon.
  14. Went yesterday am and the surf was hammering the beach. Decided to throw a little bit of everything at he ocean and see what happened. After a few hours of nothing happening finally landed a blue off of finger mullet ( made the first few hours not seem so bad). About twenty minutes later hooked up again with another blue. Nothing to write home about but a fish is a fish at this point. Final count for the day was 2 blue and 2 croaker caught on mullet, bunker, fishbites (bloodworm). Hopefully hittin the beach sat night for some night time action may something bigger will want to come and play.