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  1. Heading down to AI mid-week after the Labor Day weekend crowd heads home. Any chance Reds will be caught in the surf or am I too early? Anybody catching them yet?
  2. Heard action is pretty good a little north up in DE. I might head down to AI on Thursday or Friday. Was hoping to hear of some weekend catches to help make up my mind. It's either make the 3.5 hour trip or spend all day shopping (grrr).
  3. We had one of those tropical storm force wind nights at AI with the kids (teenagers) a couple of years ago, and they were in a separate tent! A little scary, but a super adventurous experience and great memory. Packed up camp the next morning in a torrential downpour and had to set everything back up to dry out once we got home (that part really sucked).
  4. Old thread I know, but any chance you can post a pic of how the two receivers mount to the tow hook locations?
  5. Heading to AI with the family for a few days the third week of June. What different species should I target at that time of year and what rigs and bait would you suggest? I'm hoping to involve the family as that will most definitely extend my fishing time. Doing some "catching" along with the fishing would certainly help to keep them engaged. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks guys. Yeah, I realized after posting that this was better suited for the fishing reports thread. Still learning my way around here a bit. I thought for sure that I had read that bunker chunks were the hot ticket right now. Maybe that was up north. I will be watching the fishing reports more closely before my next trip down. I found myself getting VERY jealous of the folks with the nice slide-in camper set ups out on the beach. I can't wait till I can spend the night in the pen and hit it hard all weekend.
  7. I fished Assateague (State Park seashore) Friday evening and then Saturday morning and late evening, not hard I wouldn't say, but fairly seriously. No luck whatsoever, although I do think I may have missed a hit on a bluefish rig that I was late getting over to. Fish finder set up produced nada. I was only throwing bunker chunks, so I didn't provide much of a buffet by way of selection. What a great weekend with the wife and dog though! I found a conch shell (first one ever). It washed up right in front of me while I was fishing. My wife, jealous after seeing my find, later found two more. I thought that was nuts! Picked up my OSV permit and took a short drive on the beach this morning before heading back home. Anybody have any luck this weekend?
  8. The State Park has hot water facilities and it is my understanding that they spray against mosquitos while the National Park does not. Of course, it costs twice as much to camp in the SP.
  9. Hi Shanan - What are your hours of operation?
  10. I was just wondering how others organize their coolers (i.e. one for food and drink, one for bait, one for the catch, etc.). How many for the "perfect" surf fishing setup when transportation is not a problem?
  11. That's great news Shanan. I hope to stop by soon to wish you luck in person (and buy some goodies).
  12. I might be interested in this. Where are you located? Can you email me a few pics at riggodog@myactv.net? -- thanks
  13. Those are great pics, especially that first shot! Incredible!