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  1. They should put up signs so those darn birds know where to nest!! Wow, that sounds like some adventure you had out there...glad it turned out good. And good on ya for helping out the stuck truck.
  2. When I was fishing last weekend, there were a couple of guys next to me with a yak. One of them tried to get out in it...but quickly abandoned the idea. What did you catch the blacktip on?
  3. Fished AI from 6pm friday eve until about 11 on Sat. 5 Skates. It was very windy, although, some folks were telling me it was worse during the week. Didnt see anyone else catching anything. Lots of Beach closed due to birdies...ugh.
  4. im going to try for a short trip Friday aft through mid day Sat. Maroon Tundra, stop and say hi.