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  1. Allen , did you get the pic's I sent you?
  2. Maybe we all need to go visit Andrew and fish down there....lol
  3. Allen, did you get the pics I sent?

  4. Sweet ill send the email but mine is adrawhide@aol.com

  5. Sorry Allen, just got your message. If you give me your email I'll send them to you. Just email me at HFD60@comcast.net And I'll get them right out to you.

  6. Like to get pics of fish dont know the best way but i really like to have them, thanks

  7. Had a great time this week. Good friends, good food, uncooperative fish. What more could you ask for...lol Can't wait to see you all on the beach again.
  8. I'll be there Wed afternoon, looking forward to seeing ya'll.
  9. Its been a rough summer. hoping to come down tonight for the weekend to get some much needed time on the beach...lol. if not I'll definitely be there for the tourney. already got the time off for that.
  10. Hey Capt., I would suggest any all terrain tire of your preference. their are so many to choose from and their all good. I have Nitto Mud Grapplers on my F-350 and I feel they are to aggressive, they seem to wanna dig in rather then float. I'm getting the Nitto Terra Grappler next round. Also with your F-250 try using Manual and 2nd gear and I think you'll find your truck will do much better on the beach. Hope this helps you out, Rich
  11. Fished AI tue, wed and thurs. Caught 12 skates, 28 dogfish all but 3 over 3' and 1 38" cow nose ray. Can't wait to get back down to try again.
  12. Heading back to AI in the morning. Plan on being there thru fri morning. Would love some company if anyone is thinking of going out...Rich
  13. Fished AI with a couple of buddies Wed from 10:30 am till midnight, caught one 16" fluke, a skate and a 35", 9.5# Blue. Wind was brutal all day. Fished Thursday from 6:30 am til 5:00 pm. Got a bunch of skates, one ray, and 5 dogfish. Had a great time and hope to be back down next week for some more fun.