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  1. In addition to being a fishing enthusiast, I'm a food enthusiast as well so this is a great thread for me. As far as rockfish go, this is not the first time I've heard this complaint. It's important to bleed your fish. Most people don't do this and it does have a serious affect on the quality of the meat. Bleeding is a simple step. While the fish is still alive, cut the connective tissue where the gill covers meet the body at the underside of the fish. There is a vein in every fish that runs right through there. I usually use kitchen shears so I can make the cut and get my line back in the water quickly. As soon as you make the cut, you want the fish on ice. Also make sure the fish isn't sitting in the cooler water. They can stay good for a few days on ice but make sure they aren't soaking. The water will work its way into the fish and ruin it. Hopefully this will help all of your fish to tase better.